Mika is One!

Mika Jane is ONE! I realize that I have hardly posted about little Mika on this blog here, but rest assured she is well loved by the entire Fredericks family unit.

Mika is sweet, loving, cuddly, happy and just plain awesome. When I come home from work she crawls over to the door, lifts herself up on her little knees, raises her arms and waits (not so patiently) for me to give her a snuggle. Once up where she wants to be, she rests her head on my shoulder in what can only be described as a full-body hug. It melts my heart every single time. She is pure love.

Mika still sleeps in bed with us for some portion of the night and she always finds a way to cuddle up as close as possible to her dad. I wake up some mornings to find her snug up against him with her little hand resting on his arm. She loves her daddy so much.

Mika really likes to be held. She is fairly content on her own for long stretches, but when she wants to be picked up, she wants to be picked up like right NOW. She has got a set of lungs on her, but thankfully she is so happy most of the time she only feels the need to let loose every now and then.

She started taking her first tentative steps a few weeks ago.  It is so cute watching her drunk little walk.  She is so proud of her new trick, after taking a few steps, she gets a big toothy grin on her face and makes a little laughing sound. It is the cutest.

Mika is our petite little flower. She is quite tall like her brother and sister but skinny as anything. I am convinced she has a lightning fast metabolism because she eats so much more than Aiman or Sofia ever did. Her nickname around the house is The Little Goat. She will eat anything: curry, rice, any kind of fruit, any kind of vegetable, popcorn, chips, Goldfish, garbage, plastic bags, clothes, shoes — you name it, she will try to eat it.

Mika is super playful. She loves peek-a-boo and paddy cake. She is fairly content to play with all the toys in Aiman and Sofia’s room so long as her siblings are not trying to love her to death (which they try to do often – Mika gets more hugs and kisses than any one year old ever in the history of the world). She loves stacking cups, playing with Mega-Blocks, pulling all the pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets, and trying to dump out the trash (that’s my favorite game as well!)

Mika comes out firmly on the anti-stranger side of the fence. Mika DOES NOT like strangers talking to her, picking her up, looking in her direction or acknowledging her existence in any way. Once she is used to someone she warms up quite a bit and is her usual loving self, but it takes a bit of time. This is mainly a warning for all the strangers out there – don’t worry, she will grow to like you eventually!

I love how different Aiman, Sofia and Mika are. Aiman is the strong sensitive type, Sofia is out-going and exuberant and Mika is sweet and a little reserved, but really fantastically happy. At least once a day either Riaz or I will mention how totally lucky we are to have 3 such amazingly unique and wonderful children. We are really blessed that sweet Mika came into our lives to round out our family of 5. She couldn’t be more perfect and we love her more than we ever thought possible.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. We love you!

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Sofia is Three!

Last year I wrote that Sofia is the Boss of our family.  Things have not changed.  If anything she is even more the Boss than she already was, and she was totally THE BOSS before.  Her personality is just so big.  And hilarious.  And awesome.  And … kind of … aggressive!  She is amazing.  Riaz and I always joke that Sofia’s personality matches her hair — a giant not-to-be-contained blonde afro.   She is just completely out-of-control in the best possible way.  We love her so much.

It is so hard to find words to describe Sofia.  She is one-of-a-kind.  She is very smart.  Her vocabulary shocks her dad and me on an almost daily basis.  She is slowly but surely learning her letters, loves to be read to, will play at the park for hours on end, swims like a doggy-paddling fish, is a champ on the scooter, is mastering the “big girl” bike and is generally just a whirling dervish of activity, until about 7:30 at night when she completely passes out.  Even the way she sleeps – with her body taking up as much bed real estate as humanly possible – is no-holds-barred.

Sofia is also a most excellent cuddler, she loves to give big hugs and kisses and would be the happiest girl in the world if I would let her carry her sister around by the neck.  She would give anything to be in charge of Mika and thinks it is the greatest affront that I try to keep a little distance between the baby and Sofia’s aggressive form of love.

Sofia’s best friend in the whole world is her big brother.  Whenever Aiman agrees to play with her, she jumps up from whatever she is doing with a peppy “OK Aiman” and runs off to play whatever game he has concocted.  They are getting SO.MUCH.BETTER. at playing with each other without it ending in tears and I absolutely love seeing the close bond they have.  Having three kids so close together is definitely hard work, but seeing the relationships grow that will hopefully endure throughout their lives makes it worth it.  They are really lucky to have each other.

I don’t know what else I can say you guys.  Sofia is the spark in our family.  She keeps everything light and happy and hilarious.  She is the best middle child anyone could ask for and we are thankful every day that we get to call her ours.

Happy Birthday Sofia!  We love you!


Aiman is Five!

What a year this has been. Aiman started school, became a brother for the second time, travelled to the other side of the world, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, started soccer and generally became an even more awesome kid than he already was (and he was pretty awesome to begin with).

Making Aiman’s video for this post has been unnervingly emotional. He has changed so much this year! I think because it was such a whirlwind year with babies, and traveling and generally trying to keep our heads above water, I almost didn’t realize just how grown-up he has gotten. Sorting through pictures in chronological order really brought home what this year has meant for Aiman and our family. Aiman went from a shaggy-haired little moppet to a full-fledged kid – an independent, elementary school-going, soccer playing, almost reading, lego building kid. It has been a big year!

With all of the growing up Aiman did this year, he is still just the sweetest, most sensitive, caring little guy I have ever met. Aiman is pretty shy and is slow to warm up to new people, but once you are in … you are in for life. He LOVES his friends and his teachers and most especially his new baby sister who he would carry around the house all day if we let him. The thing I love the most about Aiman (and there are a lot of things I love) is his ability to genuinely empathize with people. He seems to know when Riaz or I are down and he makes an extra effort to give us a hug or tell us how much he loves us. Riaz told me that just a few days ago, Aiman told him what a good dad he was. I just think that is so incredibly sweet. Maybe every single five year old on the planet gives lots of hugs and tells his/her parents how awesome they are, but I choose to think that Aiman just has a real special little soul (if I can get so New Agey on you!)

Now that I have waxed poetic about Aiman’s sweet nature, I have to spend a little time on the superficial. Woo doggy, my kid is CUTE! Like seriously cute. As in his Pre-K teacher told me the other day that in her 27 years of teaching she has never had such a good looking kid. I know this is super braggy and not at all modest like I should be, and I’m sorry, but he is just so handsome!

He is also very sporty.   Aiman has soccer every Saturday and he loves it. He also is a big fan of challenging Sofia to living room running races, he pretty much always wins, but sometimes he lets her catch up so they can tie. It is incredibly adorable. He will be embarrassed by this in 10 years, but he also loves to dance. It is the cutest most aggressive b-boy style dancing I have ever seen, and I have no idea where he picked it up, but man the kid definitely has the music in him. He runs, jumps, swims, tumbles, monkey climbs and just goes crazy with the best of them and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Whenever I write these birthday posts I always struggle with how inadequate they are to convey the sheer awesomeness of the little guy. We are really so completely lucky to him in our lives.

Happy Birthday Aiman! We love you!

For a trip down memory lane …

Aiman at 4 Months

Aiman at 6 Months

Aiman at 1 Year

Aiman at 2 Years

Aiman at 3 Years

Aiman at 4 Years

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Paleo Diet (Kind of)

Before we left for Australia Riaz and I were eating a kind of modified paleo diet. We were definitely not strict about it and we probably were doing all kinds of things “wrong,” but we both felt pretty awesome. Our diet mainly consisted of cutting out processed sugar, gluten, rice, potatoes, beans and dairy (wow – sounds restrictive when I write it out, but I swear it was not bad at all). A regular meal would be chicken or fish, a green salad, some other kind of veggies and then more veggies and maybe a sweet potato. So our diet was basically chicken, vegetables and fruit. I know it sounds boring, but I was making 3 or 4 different vegetable dishes each night and it really kept things from getting dull. Plus … I’ll say it again … we felt GREAT.

In Australia we fell off our diet … hard. We are now attempting to get back on to our pre-Australia diet. It’s been pretty difficult. I don’t want to go all crunchy on you folks, but I seriously think you can be addicted to sugar and gluten. I remember it being hard to cut them out before, but once I’d made it through the first week I felt fine, it was easier then because I was on maternity leave and could completely control what I had access too since I basically wasn’t leaving the house! I’m trying to kick the habit again, but it’s harder with the Coffee Bean across the street. Those damn carbs call to me.

We have recently put ourselves on a fairly strict financial budget (in other words, no more mid-day lattes!), which is helping me control my Coffee Bean carb urges, but I still sometimes dream about butter croissants.

This time around we are still keeping most sugar, gluten and dairy off the menu, but we are eating lentils (because they are cheap and easy to prepare in bulk), brown rice and the occasional potato. Since being put on the budget to end all budgets I have kept pretty well to the diet (so for about 2 weeks) and I really do feel better for it. Riaz is also a big fan and especially loves when I cook big pots of food on the weekend that he can re-heat all week.

I am mainly putting this out to the world to give me some accountability. I don’t want to fall off the gluten-free wagon again! Here’s hoping I can stick to it even after winning the lottery and transitioning to the life of leisure I know I am destined for!

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Woo … I’ve got a lot of knitting to catch you up on.  I have started a million projects and finished two of them.  I need help.  Also, I’ve recently decided I need to take up quilting even though I don’t have: 1) a sewing machine; 2) the space; and 3) any sewing skills whatsoever.  Not that I’m going to let that stop me.  Stay tuned for further unnecessary crafting.

First up is the shawl/wrap I have been working on for my mother-in-law.  I REALLY wanted to finish this before we went to Australia.  And then I REALLY wanted to finish it before her birthday in January.  And then I just wanted to finish it before we came home.  Care to wager whether I actually did?




I presented the half-finished project to my mother-in-law as her “gift,” but it was rather anti-climactic.  I feel bad I didn’t finish it but, in my defense, Australia was not a big relaxing vacation.  We had plans with family/friends ALL THE TIME.  Plus, you know, we had three kids to take care of.   It was really hard to get anything done.

I'm a sucker for babies on knits

I’m a sucker for babies on knits

Ah well, I truly love this pattern and this yarn.  I think it is the first time I’ve done a good job picking the right yarn to go with the pattern I was knitting.  I’ve knit a little over 30 inches of the 60 inch wrap.  It takes me about an hour and a half to get through 1 repetition and 1 repetition equals maybe 1 -1 ½ inches so I’m looking at another 45 hours or so to get this done (geez that seems like a lot when I write it out!)

I also just finished a simple but cute baby blanket for my good friend at work who is expecting Baby No. 3 at the end of April.  The pattern I chose is very basic, but I needed it after the serious brain power required of the lacy wrap.  I tried to spice things up a bit with some striping cuteness and I really like how it turned out.  I presented the blanket to my co-worker yesterday and she seemed happy, so it was a win.



I’m also making this sweater for Aiman.  I ran out of the yarn I needed for the blanket and while it was on order, I started up something for the little guy.  He has been begging me for a hand knit for some time, so this seemed like a good opportunity to cast on.  When I told him the sweater was for him, he clapped his hands together, squealed and said “Yea!”  and then my heart grew three sizes and it was Roast Beast for everyone!  Gah I love that kid.

I also knit up a quick little hat for my hair dresser who had a baby around the same time Mika was born.  I love her.  We actually went to high school together and she is a sweetheart, and the babies of sweethearts get hats.  I was racing to get this thing done before my hair cut a few weeks back and forgot to take a picture, but take my word when I say it was cute and quick and easy (my three favorite things!)  I should also mention that my new hair is also cute and quick and easy.  I am a short hair convert!

That’s it for this week.  Joining up with the Yarn Along.

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In the Swing of Things …

Well … that went fast.  My maternity leave was a long (by American standards) 5 months, but it went by in a blink and I’m back to work.  My job is extremely wonderful and my co-workers are forgiving, understanding and awesome, but it is HARD to be away from the little bobbins after 5 months of spending every day with them.

The Kids

Riaz is settling in to the new routine as well.  I’d let him write a guest post about how his days are going, but he’s much too tired to try!


No lie – three kids are hard work!


Aiman has started back up at school and besides some bumpy drop-offs involving a lot of tears, he seems to be doing just fine.


Sofia LOVES having her daddy all to herself for big stretches of the day while Mika sleeps.  I understand that there are hours of book reading, puzzles and play cooking that happen while I am at work.


Miss Mika is the happiest little monkey.  She WILL.NOT take the bottle, but she is eating solid foods like a champ and doesn’t seem to be dehydrating so we’re just following her lead.  She is really just the sweetest little thing.  She’s quick with a smile, loves a good hug and is super eager to be able to start mixing it up with her siblings.  She is very mobile at this point.  She’s up on her hands and knees, but mostly gets around with a very effective army crawl.


Riaz and I are totally exhausted, but there is kind of a cool little feeling that comes with having all of the kids you are going to have.  When I look around the table at dinner I can picture the next 18 years with my little family and it makes me indescribably happy and totally fulfilled.


Whew … enough with the sap already.   I know Grandma Scates is anxious for more pictures, and I’m doing my best to fulfill her request!  A few more snaps, mainly from our Australian adventure.







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Ooops …

Ooops, I have neglected my blog again.

In fairness, we are out of the country, the internet connection is slow here, and it has been the holidays so there has been a whole lot of busyness.

This post is a short one just to say HELLO, we are alive and having a great holiday, please enjoy some pictures!

Oh and Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!

Ready for his close up.

Ready for his close up.

Smiles for miles

Smiles for miles



Cousins and Tutus

Cousins and Tutus

Breakfast at Zephyrs

Breakfast at Zephyrs

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

A day at the zoo.

A day at the zoo.

Tuckered Out!

Tuckered Out!