Sofia is Six!

A couple of things you’ll notice from this year’s video: 1) Sofia loves to make goofy faces at the camera; 2) Sofia’s hair remains glorious; 3) Sofia does NOT like wearing shirts at the beach; and 4) Sofia is a bad ass.

Sofia has had a great year, she started Kindergarten, learned to ride her bike without training wheels, started karate, learned to read and got even more strong-willed than she already was.  Sofia is stubborn and pig-headed, she’s giggly and goofy, she’s shy (until she gets to know you), she both adores and constantly teases her siblings, she swims like a fish, runs like the flash and will climb any set of monkey bars she finds.  She only ever wants to wear her brother’s hand-me-downs and refuses to wear her hair any other way than wild and free.  Sofia does not run with a particular crowd, her list of friends at school changes on a daily basis.  Girls her age often form little cliques, but Sofia has absolutely no interest in any of that.  She is the most independent Kindergartner I have ever met. Sofia hates waking up in the morning and would prefer not to go to school.  She is great at math, is starting to see the value in reading and the room parents in her class always go out of their way to tell me how helpful she is — which I love to hear.  Sofia is tough as nails, but gets truly upset when someone hurts her feelings.  Her go-to response to anything I ever ask her to do is “no.”  She makes me crazy but so proud.  She is incredibly sweet, but hides it well behind her strong and goofy personality.  She’s a force.

I always say that I can tell Sofia is going to be a handful as a teenager (she’s a handful now!) but I honestly would not have it any other way.  She is going to be the type of woman we need in this world and I just hope I can keep up with her awesomeness.

Happy 6th Birthday Sofia.  We love you too much!

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One Response to Sofia is Six!

  1. Sofia’s hair is indeed so glorious and your comment about her growing up to be the kind of woman we need in this world brought a tear to my eye. Also, she is already way better at monkey bars than I ever hoped to be. What an incredible little girl!! ❤

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