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Aiman is seven!  It doesn’t even seem possible. Aiman is a full-fledged kid now.  He loves Pokemon, playing games on the iPad when he’s not supposed to, running fast, feats of strength and math.  He is still the sweet, sensitive … Continue reading

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On Being Tongue Tied

Not that kind of tongue tied.  If only Aiman’s problems extended to difficulty getting out “Sally sells seashells by the seashore.”  No, Aiman is/was clinically tongue tied, which basically means that the little bit of tissue that connected his tongue … Continue reading

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A Six Year Old.

Aiman is six!  What can I even say about the little man?  He is just the best. Aiman has the most awesome disposition.  He’s a sweet and sensitive little guy.  He tries to make sure everyone is happy and is … Continue reading

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Aiman is Five!

What a year this has been. Aiman started school, became a brother for the second time, travelled to the other side of the world, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, started soccer and generally became an even … Continue reading

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In the Swing of Things …

Well … that went fast.  My maternity leave was a long (by American standards) 5 months, but it went by in a blink and I’m back to work.  My job is extremely wonderful and my co-workers are forgiving, understanding and … Continue reading

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1,125.  That is the number of pictures and videos Riaz, my mom and myself took during September.  I did the math and that is only 37.5 pictures a day, which actually does not seem all that unreasonable when you have … Continue reading

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Newborn Update:  Mika is a dreamy little newborn.  She is sometimes a touch fussy, but mainly just a sleepy little snuggler.  She continues to refuse to sleep anywhere but her swing and on my chest, but she gives me decent … Continue reading

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