June Gloom

In L.A. we have this thing called June gloom where it tends to be a little overcast and cooler through the entire month of June.  I am a huge fan of June gloom because I am a vampire that hates the sun.  Anyway, this year we haven’t had so much June gloom as June scorching heat, so I’ve got some serious heat-induced rage issues happening right now.  This weather does NOT sit well with my Alaskan make-up.  I need me some rain and 50-60 degree weather, stat!  I’m blaming the heat for my non-existent energy levels and my inability to focus on much of anything lately.  I need to figure out how to re-set my brain.  I’m open to suggestions!

Despite my blahs, I have been mixing things up on the craft front over the last few months.  And since I can’t seem to blog unless it’s about birthdays or knitting, I’ll just stick with what I know.

I finished the body of my Girasole, and I LOVE it.  I started the knitted on edge and found the instructions completely confusing.  I figured it out after two evenings of knitting and re-knitting (and re-knitting) and now I’ve got it (finally!)  I read that the knit-on edge takes an eternity to finish, so I know I’ve got a ways to go, but I have really loved knitting this shawl and I can’t wait to finish it.

Looking remarkably like a hat for a giant. Wun-Wun where are you when I need you! (GoT reference for the win!)

Looking remarkably like a hat for a giant. Wun-Wun where are you when I need you! (GoT reference for the win!)

I put the Girasole down for a while so I could crochet a blanket for a friend who is expecting.  I messed up the pattern and have one point that is just flat wrong and very noticeable, but I would literally have to undo the whole thing to fix it, so it’s going out mistakes and all.  Anyway, it’s the mistakes that show that it’s handmade, right?  Right??!!??

Spot the missing point!

Spot the missing point!

Because I can’t be satisfied with just 2 projects on the go I started up this little sweater for Mika with some yarn I picked up when my local yarn shop closed its doors.  I don’t usually like the look of garter stitch, but this sweater is adorable and totally suited to Mika.  It’s going to be huge on her so she can wear it for a few winters, which is always what I’m looking for since there are only 5 days a year in Southern California where a sweater is warranted.

I noticed that I have a little mistake on the i-cord edge, but I think the buttons will mask it and I’m clearly all about mistakes lately!  I’m currently eye-balling these gorgeous cedar buttons from Wooly Moss Roots.  It’s hard to justify $25 for buttons on a toddler’s sweater, but when she grows out of the sweater I can just take the buttons off and re-purpose them, right?  Someone make me feel better about this purchase because I really want them!

Mika's Red Sweater

And finally, I’ve been thinking about learning how to embroider (my transition to 75 year old grandma is almost complete!)  Inspired by the lovely lady over at My Bit of Earth, I ordered this little owl embroidery kit that seemed fairly easy and cute and I’m looking forward to giving it a go.  I haven’t started yet because I’m intimidated, but I’ll find the mental fortitude eventually!

We’ve got plans to do a bit of camping this summer.  I am positive it will look nothing like the camping I did up in Alaska as a kid but I’m really looking forward to getting out of the city.  I’m hoping some nature will help get me out of this rut and spur on some non-craft related blogging!

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3 Responses to June Gloom

  1. Cecelia Rolland says:

    Always enjoy your posts Mrs Hersey-Fredricks. I’d like to top you with the weather from Oklahoma. The temp is 96, the heat index is 103, and later the humidity will be 70 percent. I love that you are knitting in the summer and have such a beautiful family. I fully expected that you would be pulling all nighters and billing 2K a year. Happy you escaped and have a good life. Now more pics of the littles please! Just one more thing – I love embroidery and hope you will too. It’s not just for ole broads like me! I will send you some cites – no, sites. Regards from former secretary. Cecelia

  2. Mom says:

    How did you get so crafty? You certainly didn’t inherit that from your mother, although I DO know how to embroider, and you will have no problem with that. It’s easy.

  3. arabianknits says:

    I had to actually use my cursor to go around the blanket to find the error. I’m sure if you don’t point it out, nobody will notice. 🙂

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