Aiman is seven!  It doesn’t even seem possible. Aiman is a full-fledged kid now.  He loves Pokemon, playing games on the iPad when he’s not supposed to, running fast, feats of strength and math.  He is still the sweet, sensitive (sorry 17-year old Aiman reading this in the future, but it’s true!), charming, handsome boy he’s always been, but now he’s also reading, losing teeth, doing pretty complicated math, hanging out with his friends, asking me difficult life questions I don’t have the answer to and occasionally being a goofy kid.  He makes us so proud every day.

Aiman has really come into his own this year.  He struggled with reading and writing at the beginning of the school year but sometime after Christmas his teacher says that it was like a switch got flipped and he caught up to all his classmates and then some.  Riaz and I floated out of Aiman’s most recent parent-teacher conference just so happy with the amount of work he had put in and the effort he had shown.  I think the quality I love the most about Aiman is that when he sets his mind to a task he works really hard to achieve it.  It is so awesome to see.

Aiman maintains his deep and abiding love of Mika.  I often find them sitting on the couch, cuddled up, watching whatever is on T.V. and sharing a bowl of grapes.  It is adorable.  Aiman and Sofia’s relationship is more complicated.  They fight often, but are also best friends (though they would never admit it!)  Aiman and Sofia are V.E.R.Y. competitive and if there is anything that Sofia can do better than Aiman it is only a matter of time before he is off practicing whatever that happens to be until he can say that he is the best.  I say the words “it’s not a competition!!!” probably 5 times a day, but it doesn’t matter, everything is a competition to them from who eats dinner faster, to who can get dressed the quickest in the morning, to who  is better on the monkey bars.

We feel so lucky to have Aiman as the oldest sibling.  He’s a hard worker, he’s empathetic, he stands up for his sisters and is just an all-around awesome person.  The girls could not ask for a better big brother and we could not ask for a better son.

Happy Birthday Aiman!  We love you too much!


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