Mika is Two!

Mika’s personality has really started to shine through this year and her goofy, stubborn, klutzy, happy little nature is just so darn loveable.  Part of me feels like Mika was just born.  I remember with perfect clarity holding her little body against mine after she was born while she screamed her face off for a good twenty minutes.  But another part of me has a hard time remembering what life was like before she came along.  She fits so perfectly into our little family.  She really is a remarkable little human and I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Mika is a total goof ball – she’s funny, playful and adorable.  She can tell when we’re making jokes and laughs hysterically at just the right moment.  She loves to chase Aiman and Sofia around the house, but is also super independent and will happily play alone when given the chance (which isn’t often!)  Mika’s independent streak is legendary and completely terrifying.  Unlike Aiman who always wants to know where I am, Mika will just take off, whether there is a parent with her or not.  She’s always trying to escape the park or the house or the car or any other thing that is attempting to contain her.  Mika keeps us on our toes and our blood pressure elevated!

Mika desperately wants to be able to do everything that Aiman and Sofia can do but is so adorably ill-equipped to keep up.  Even at an early age Aiman and Sofia were incredibly sporty and coordinated, Mika is …. extremely adorable and smart.  Mika has a difficult time navigating around obstacles and walls and like, her feet.  She trips over herself constantly and spatial awareness is not her strong suit.  But what she lacks in raw talent she makes up for in gusto.  She doesn’t let a skinned knee or a nasty fall stop her, she is always on the go and ready to play.  She is such a determined spunky little person, I know she is going to be able to handle whatever life throws at her.

Mika is definitely a love-bug.  The girl loves to snuggle and kiss (just ask any little toddler boy at the park!) and when she goes to bed at night she likes to have her arms wrapped around my neck and lets out little protests when I get up to leave even if she is sound asleep.   When I come home from work, she runs towards me shouting “mom, mom, mommy, MOMMY!” in such a happy little voice it just erases whatever stress I had through the day.  At night she holds only my leg and walks around the house with me while I change clothes and get dinner.  She is easily the happiest two year old I’ve ever met.

Aiman and Sofia absolutely adore Mika.  They both try to carry her around and make her laugh and were thrilled when we moved Mika’s bed into their room.  They are awesome at being her siblings and she is awesome at being the baby of the family.

Mika is bright, loving, cute and just all-around wonderful.  We all love her too much.

Happy Birthday Mika Jane!

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3 Responses to Mika is Two!

  1. Aunt Elaine & Uncle Marvin says:

    Happy birthday to Mika Jane she sounds adorable. Wish we lived closer so we could get a quaint ed with your wonderful family. Love your Blog! And pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh! She is just precious! Perfection! Happy birthday, Mika!

  3. Mom says:

    she’s adorable, Kristina. I just got back from the Brooks Range and no internet, I’ll try to FaceTime later this week after I recuperate. 🙂 the video is wonderful, as usual.

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