Sofia is Five!

The title of this post should really be, Sofia is a bad ass.  It doesn’t matter how old Sofia is, she is ready to dominate the globe tomorrow.

This has been a huge year for Sofia.  She started Pre-K in August.  It took her a few months to warm up to the idea, but she totally loves it now.  She runs to class every morning, is eager to do her homework in the afternoon and has totally excelled at all her early reading and math skills.  She started the year not being able to even identify her letters and numbers.  Now she is just right on the cusp of reading.  Riaz and I are insanely proud of her.

If this year’s little recap video tells you nothing else it has to be that Sofia is freakishly strong.  Like, Hulk strong.  There is nothing Sofia can’t climb, can’t swing on, can’t turn into an obstacle course and can’t totally dominate.  She’s a beast.  I don’t know if she will decide to play an organized sport and I don’t know what that sport she will choose, but whatever she decides to do, she will crush it.

Sofia’s best friends continue to be her brother and sister.  She is friendly with the kids at school but has a bit of aloofness in her.  Her teachers inform me that it took her a good four months to crack a real smile in class.  She’s fearless and dominating but also a total observer, she likes to sit back and watch what is happening before jumping into the mix.  I really love that quality about her.  She is the farthest thing from reckless and the mix of alpha dog with a touch of caution is going to serve her well.

Sofia is the spitting image of her dad and grandma  Since she looks absolutely nothing like me I can say without ego that I think she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world.  Her olive skin, blonde curls and rosebud lips are just the best and I could look at her all day.

Sofia is the perfect middle child.  She’s competitive but not mean or aggressive about it.  She idolizes her brother and is loving to her sister. Sofia is just an all-around awesome human being and we all love her too much.

Happy Birthday Sofia, you are awesome!

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One Response to Sofia is Five!

  1. Elaine Gillam says:

    Give Sophia hugs from Uncle Marvin & Aunt Elaine. Also, we wish her a very happy birthday. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your beautiful family.

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