Keeping you updated on an Alaskan, an Australian, and their brood finding their way in Los Angeles.

The Alaskan is a mom, a lawyer, a cook and a part-time knitter.

The Australian is a dad, a primary caregiver, a rugby player, a businessman and a yogi.

Aiman is the sweetest 6-year old in the world.

Sofia is the most rambunctious 4-year old in the world.

Mika is the most hilariously goofy 2-year old in the world.


4 Responses to About

  1. b nicksin says:

    Happy new year. I wish you still worked here.

  2. stuball72 says:

    Sounds like you moved in to town about the same time we did. Maybe see you at the market on a Saturday or somewhere else around Montezuma?

  3. Laura Renger says:

    Is the new baby a girl? I miss you. Hope you guys are doing well and your feet are too big.

  4. Jake says:

    Keep living the dream, KH & family.

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