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Mika is Three!

Mika has the most clearly defined little personality of all the kids.  She is just HAPPY.  Like gloriously so.  She laughs, jokes, smiles, hugs, kisses, giggles and plays all day, every day.  She’s got a huge vocabulary and she uses … Continue reading

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Mika is Two!

Mika’s personality has really started to shine through this year and her goofy, stubborn, klutzy, happy little nature is just so darn loveable.  Part of me feels like Mika was just born.  I remember with perfect clarity holding her little … Continue reading

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Mika is One!

Mika Jane is ONE! I realize that I have hardly posted about little Mika on this blog here, but rest assured she is well loved by the entire Fredericks family unit. Mika is sweet, loving, cuddly, happy and just plain … Continue reading

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In the Swing of Things …

Well … that went fast.  My maternity leave was a long (by American standards) 5 months, but it went by in a blink and I’m back to work.  My job is extremely wonderful and my co-workers are forgiving, understanding and … Continue reading

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The View From Here

My life feels like it is on hold for the moment.  I mean, I have only watched the first episode of the final season of Breaking Bad for crying out loud.  What has become of me!?! A 4.5 year old, … Continue reading

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1,125.  That is the number of pictures and videos Riaz, my mom and myself took during September.  I did the math and that is only 37.5 pictures a day, which actually does not seem all that unreasonable when you have … Continue reading

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Newborn Update:  Mika is a dreamy little newborn.  She is sometimes a touch fussy, but mainly just a sleepy little snuggler.  She continues to refuse to sleep anywhere but her swing and on my chest, but she gives me decent … Continue reading

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