Riaz watched some documentary a few weeks back that has rendered him terrified of plastic in our food supply.  Since the documentary was narrated by Sean Penn I am certain that it is part true, part crazy-town, but de-plasticifying our lives as much as possible is probably not such a bad thing.  When I look around our kitchen I see a lot of plastic and I like the idea of living cleaner and helping out the environment a little so I am on board with Riaz’s mission.   (Now if I could only figure out how to keep recycling bins in our 2×2 foot kitchen!

We’re starting slow because I don’t have a huge amount of disposable income to replace all of our single-use disposable plastic stuff, which is ironic, but we’re going to try to swap a few things out every month until we are down to the plastic we just can’t get rid of.  We’ve already made a few changes that we’re pretty happy about so this is the start of yet another on-going series entitled Kristina’s Reviews of Stuff Not Made of Plastic.  It’s a working title.

First, I will point you to this website which I think is a little bit expensive, but has a fairly exhaustive list of regular household goods that have been de-plasticed.  I’ve been finding stuff on that site and then do a bit of comparison shopping on Amazon.

We’ve been using a Pyrex set very similar to this for a little over a year for all our leftovers and my work lunches.  The lids are plastic, but we all make sacrifices.  We like these so much we bought a second set.  And I’m considering buying a few more of the larger ones so that I can stop using freezer bags for all my pre-made freezer food.  But then I will have to buy a bigger freezer so … we may have to hold off on that one.  I can’t say enough good stuff about these Pyrex dishes, they are extremely sturdy and relatively reasonably priced (we bought ours at Costco).  I’ve gotten all my co-workers onto these as well so our office fridge looks like a Pyrex convention.

The next switch we made was to buy glass containers for our flours and sugar.  Flour and sugar generally come in paper containers, but I was having to decant them into plastic bags because of our (shudder) cockroach problem (shudder again!)  I bought these super cheap glass jars at The Container Store.  The wide mouths are perfect and they are fairly sturdy.  My only complaint is that the sizes aren’t exactly right.  The largest size is too big for a five pound bag of sugar, but the next size down is slightly to small so I end up with just a little bit of sugar that doesn’t fit in the jar.  Similarly a five pound bag of flour is slightly more than will fit in the largest gallon size, so I end up with just a little bit of flour left over.  If I had more space I would just buy the largest size for the sugar and then find another option for the flour, but instead I just live with what I have and keep the remaining bits of flour and sugar in their paper bags stuffed inside a plastic bag (because cockroaches!)  I do really really like these jars though, they’ve got square sides so they are space savers and they do seem to keep my flour and sugars fresh.

I’m now on a mission to find spill-proof cups and take-away water bottles for the kids.  It is much harder than you would think!  The tops!  The tops are always made of plastic.  I’ll keep you posted.


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One Response to Plastic-Less!

  1. Mom says:

    Giving up plastic is hard. I think about it now and then, but then I end up using sandwich bags and whatnot. I do like those Costco Pyrex dishes, though.

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