How Crochet Took Over My Life

I have been crocheting up a storm whenever I have a free non-comatosed moment.  Yesterday I had the chance to spend a random evening in the Marina.  It was beautiful after a week of stinking heat in L.A.  The sea lions were barking loudly and Mika was pulling my hair when I took this shot.  Ah the peace afforded by yarn crafts ….

At the Marina

I’ve been plugging away at Aiman’s basic granny square blanket and am now a little over half way done!  It hasn’t got a lot of bells and whistles, but I think its going to suit Aiman just fine.  I used cheap acrylic yarn from JoAnn’s since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on what is essentially a practice blanket, but now I wish I had spent a little more money because the acrylic seriously dries out my hands and also splits like crazy.  Ah well, the blanket will be super sturdy and warm which is perfect for a whirl-wind 6 year old who is constantly cold.  Side note – Aiman wears fleece pajamas to bed in the middle of our Southern California summers.  I just … I don’t understand it.  I could sleep in an ice pack and still be dying for air conditioning.

Granny Squares!

I was mixing in some work on my on-going shawl on days I didn’t feel like crocheting, but now I just want to get the thing done so that I can … wait for it … make a blanket for Sofia too.  And I want to get them both done before Christmas!  And I’m not going to make anything that isn’t this adorable circle blanket that probably would take a normal person 6.5 years to complete (though my blanket is going to be about half the size of the one pictured below so maybe only 3.25 years then?)  I’m a glutton for punishment.  The woman who made this blanket used cotton yarn.   Any thoughts on whether that will cause my hands to bleed?  Will I be hating life come November?

Photo Credit: That link in the text above! This woman is a star.

Photo Credit: That link in the text above! This woman is a star.

On a medical note, all of the crocheting hurts my forearms in a way knitting never does.  I think it is the twisting motion required of crochet.  I can’t decide if I’m developing carpel tunnel syndrome or if my arms are just sore from all the extra work I am putting in.  Check back in a month and I’ll let you know if I’m wearing arm braces yet.  Taking a break is clearly not an option.

Joining up with the Yarn Along.

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2 Responses to How Crochet Took Over My Life

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    Love the blanket, and although its not great for the knitter, acrylic is cheap and easy care – it will be lovely.

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