Sofia is Four!  She is awesome you guys.  She is not like any other person I have ever met.  She is almost definitely going to conquer whatever kind of life goals she sets for herself.  She is a force – a hilarious, defiant, often irrational force.  We love her so much.  Sofia has that thing about her that makes you want to get closer and laugh and possibly give her a big bear hug.

Sofia’s verbal skills are amazingly good, she’s got a tremendous vocabulary, understands the beginning and ending sounds of words and rhymes like a champ – all great pre-reading skills.  On the other hand, she absolutely refuses to learn her letters.  On that topic she will not budge.  I know she’ll get there, but not before she makes the choice herself.  No one will force her into anything!

Sofia is so strong, but in a totally different way than Aiman.  Aiman works really hard.  When he decided he wanted to learn how to climb a rope he got some instruction from Riaz and then took those skills and used technique and finesse to get to the top.  If Sofia decides she wants to climb a rope she grabs the rope and climbs to the top of it.  No lessons, no technique, just brute force.  She really is amazingly unstoppable.  Earlier this year she went back and forth on the monkey bars at the park so many times one day she actually blistered her hands and then busted the blisters open before she finally stopped.  She just loves the physicality of it all.  Her work ethic is not like Aiman’s, but her natural talent is something to behold.

Sofia is the instigator of most of the mischief in our house and if something is covered in stickers or has been drawn all over or is broken, you can be assured that Sofia was likely behind it.  She is an adorable bull in a china shop and even though she knows right from wrong, she can’t help but cause trouble.

Sofia adores her siblings.  Mika started off a little frightened of Sofia’s aggressive form of love and unfortunately gave Sofia quite a few “get the heck off of me” bites early on, Mika only broke the skin once so – yeah me!  Parent of the Year!  As Mika has gotten a little older she and Sofia have figured out how to be friends without physically abusing each other and their relationship is really starting to get cute.  Aiman and Sofia are total partners in crime.  They fight and name call and annoy the heck out of each other, but underneath all that I know that they really love each other.  I can’t even explain the way it makes me feel when I see them all sitting together in the living room conspiring in the way kids do.

Last year I said that Sofia is the spark in our family and I honestly don’t know how to describe her better than that.  She is absolutely the most amazing four year old I know and we love her more every single day.

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2 Responses to FOUR!

  1. Linda Scates says:

    Wonderful, Kristina! I had to laugh that she won’t learn her letters — just like her mama. One day she’ll probably say to you, like you said to me, “Well, I guess it’s time I learned these things.” And then she will. In her own time.

    Give her a big birthday hug for me, and if you guys have time to FaceTime us today so we can wish her happy birthday face to face. I would love that.

    Love, Mom/Grandma

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  2. Elaine and Marvin Gillam says:

    Uncle Marvin & I wish Sophia a wonderful and happy fourth birthday. Enjoyed your description of your daughter and your children’s relationships. Hope all is well with you and your family. We spent a couple of weeks in Goshen, IN and just got home yesterday. Decided to sell the motor home so consigned it to Paul Evert’s RV Country. Think it’s time to travel a different way. We will be spending Mother’s Day with Marla’s in Oviedo, FL and Memorial Day weekend with Karla’s in Denver, NC. Karla is working out of Charlotte, NC and Denver is on Lake Norman. This will be the first time we will see the inside of Karla’s new home, we drove by while in NC on the way home from Alex and Alison’s wedding in February. Come see us in Florida some time. Love you!

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