A Six Year Old.

Aiman is six!  What can I even say about the little man?  He is just the best.

Aiman has the most awesome disposition.  He’s a sweet and sensitive little guy.  He tries to make sure everyone is happy and is quick to say sorry when he’s done something he shouldn’t.  He’s shy but makes friends easily and doesn’t participate in any of the childhood teasing I sometimes see at his school.  He’s a good kid, through and through.

This year marked the start of real school.  Kindergarten!  Aiman loves his teacher, is diligent about his homework, excels at math and learned to read this year.  It was so amazing to start the year with him knowing all of his sounds but not being able to put them together to him being able to read whole books.  Part of his homework is to write in a journal every day.  Every other page is about how much he likes “baskitball”, but it is so cute to see him sit down every night after dinner and sound out sentences.  His handwriting is really good (way better than his dad’s) and he’s starting to get the hang of some of the weirder words in the English language.  I am so proud of him.

Aiman absolutely adores Mika and there isn’t anyone in the house that can get Mika to laugh like Aiman can.  It’s like she has a special full-belly laugh that she reserves only for him.  Aiman and Sofia’s relationship is a bit more complicated.  On the surface, they are locked in a constant battle of wills, but when no one is looking, I can hear them in their room talking and planning and making forts.  I know that Aiman will always look out for his sisters and it makes me so happy to see how protective he is of them.

Aiman is not a fan of watching sports, but he will play just about anything that is put in front of him.  This year he continued with soccer, started skateboarding, took gymnastics classes and recently started basketball.  He loves anything that involves running fast.  Aiman’s sporting style is awesome.  He is all grit and determination.  He never smiles or fools around during practice, his eyes are on the ball and he is 100% focused on the task at hand.  Someday he is going to make a coach very happy with his work ethic.

This year I thought about not doing a video, I was thinking he might be getting a little too old for it.  But then I looked through this year’s pictures and decided that he needed at least one more homage to his awesomeness.  Every mother says this but I could not imagine my life without him in it.  He is the most loving, funny, smart and adorably handsome person I know and I am so lucky to be his mom.

Happy birthday Aiman.  You are awesome.  We love you!


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2 Responses to A Six Year Old.

  1. Sharon Strib Stribling says:

    Aiman is adorable, but definitely all boy. Happy Birthday to him. Also, Kristina, you have a wonderful looking family, and you look good, also. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. What a sweet, handsome little man! Happy birthday, Aiman! And congratulations, Mama, on raising such a good little dude!

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