Mika is One!

Mika Jane is ONE! I realize that I have hardly posted about little Mika on this blog here, but rest assured she is well loved by the entire Fredericks family unit.

Mika is sweet, loving, cuddly, happy and just plain awesome. When I come home from work she crawls over to the door, lifts herself up on her little knees, raises her arms and waits (not so patiently) for me to give her a snuggle. Once up where she wants to be, she rests her head on my shoulder in what can only be described as a full-body hug. It melts my heart every single time. She is pure love.

Mika still sleeps in bed with us for some portion of the night and she always finds a way to cuddle up as close as possible to her dad. I wake up some mornings to find her snug up against him with her little hand resting on his arm. She loves her daddy so much.

Mika really likes to be held. She is fairly content on her own for long stretches, but when she wants to be picked up, she wants to be picked up like right NOW. She has got a set of lungs on her, but thankfully she is so happy most of the time she only feels the need to let loose every now and then.

She started taking her first tentative steps a few weeks ago.  It is so cute watching her drunk little walk.  She is so proud of her new trick, after taking a few steps, she gets a big toothy grin on her face and makes a little laughing sound. It is the cutest.

Mika is our petite little flower. She is quite tall like her brother and sister but skinny as anything. I am convinced she has a lightning fast metabolism because she eats so much more than Aiman or Sofia ever did. Her nickname around the house is The Little Goat. She will eat anything: curry, rice, any kind of fruit, any kind of vegetable, popcorn, chips, Goldfish, garbage, plastic bags, clothes, shoes — you name it, she will try to eat it.

Mika is super playful. She loves peek-a-boo and paddy cake. She is fairly content to play with all the toys in Aiman and Sofia’s room so long as her siblings are not trying to love her to death (which they try to do often – Mika gets more hugs and kisses than any one year old ever in the history of the world). She loves stacking cups, playing with Mega-Blocks, pulling all the pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets, and trying to dump out the trash (that’s my favorite game as well!)

Mika comes out firmly on the anti-stranger side of the fence. Mika DOES NOT like strangers talking to her, picking her up, looking in her direction or acknowledging her existence in any way. Once she is used to someone she warms up quite a bit and is her usual loving self, but it takes a bit of time. This is mainly a warning for all the strangers out there – don’t worry, she will grow to like you eventually!

I love how different Aiman, Sofia and Mika are. Aiman is the strong sensitive type, Sofia is out-going and exuberant and Mika is sweet and a little reserved, but really fantastically happy. At least once a day either Riaz or I will mention how totally lucky we are to have 3 such amazingly unique and wonderful children. We are really blessed that sweet Mika came into our lives to round out our family of 5. She couldn’t be more perfect and we love her more than we ever thought possible.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. We love you!

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