Sofia is Three!

Last year I wrote that Sofia is the Boss of our family.  Things have not changed.  If anything she is even more the Boss than she already was, and she was totally THE BOSS before.  Her personality is just so big.  And hilarious.  And awesome.  And … kind of … aggressive!  She is amazing.  Riaz and I always joke that Sofia’s personality matches her hair — a giant not-to-be-contained blonde afro.   She is just completely out-of-control in the best possible way.  We love her so much.

It is so hard to find words to describe Sofia.  She is one-of-a-kind.  She is very smart.  Her vocabulary shocks her dad and me on an almost daily basis.  She is slowly but surely learning her letters, loves to be read to, will play at the park for hours on end, swims like a doggy-paddling fish, is a champ on the scooter, is mastering the “big girl” bike and is generally just a whirling dervish of activity, until about 7:30 at night when she completely passes out.  Even the way she sleeps – with her body taking up as much bed real estate as humanly possible – is no-holds-barred.

Sofia is also a most excellent cuddler, she loves to give big hugs and kisses and would be the happiest girl in the world if I would let her carry her sister around by the neck.  She would give anything to be in charge of Mika and thinks it is the greatest affront that I try to keep a little distance between the baby and Sofia’s aggressive form of love.

Sofia’s best friend in the whole world is her big brother.  Whenever Aiman agrees to play with her, she jumps up from whatever she is doing with a peppy “OK Aiman” and runs off to play whatever game he has concocted.  They are getting SO.MUCH.BETTER. at playing with each other without it ending in tears and I absolutely love seeing the close bond they have.  Having three kids so close together is definitely hard work, but seeing the relationships grow that will hopefully endure throughout their lives makes it worth it.  They are really lucky to have each other.

I don’t know what else I can say you guys.  Sofia is the spark in our family.  She keeps everything light and happy and hilarious.  She is the best middle child anyone could ask for and we are thankful every day that we get to call her ours.

Happy Birthday Sofia!  We love you!

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2 Responses to Sofia is Three!

  1. Linda Scates says:

    Wonderful, Kristina. I laughed out loud at the little clip where she’s trying to get Mika to jump. :).

  2. Aunt Elaine says:

    So nice to read your blog and be able to keep up with your family. Can hardly believe that Sofia is already three! Karla’s daughter, Alison’s graduation was yesterday and we were able to attend. Dr. Alison Berger is now a dentist! We will be heading to Alaska Monday from Indiana.

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