Aiman is Five!

What a year this has been. Aiman started school, became a brother for the second time, travelled to the other side of the world, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, started soccer and generally became an even more awesome kid than he already was (and he was pretty awesome to begin with).

Making Aiman’s video for this post has been unnervingly emotional. He has changed so much this year! I think because it was such a whirlwind year with babies, and traveling and generally trying to keep our heads above water, I almost didn’t realize just how grown-up he has gotten. Sorting through pictures in chronological order really brought home what this year has meant for Aiman and our family. Aiman went from a shaggy-haired little moppet to a full-fledged kid – an independent, elementary school-going, soccer playing, almost reading, lego building kid. It has been a big year!

With all of the growing up Aiman did this year, he is still just the sweetest, most sensitive, caring little guy I have ever met. Aiman is pretty shy and is slow to warm up to new people, but once you are in … you are in for life. He LOVES his friends and his teachers and most especially his new baby sister who he would carry around the house all day if we let him. The thing I love the most about Aiman (and there are a lot of things I love) is his ability to genuinely empathize with people. He seems to know when Riaz or I are down and he makes an extra effort to give us a hug or tell us how much he loves us. Riaz told me that just a few days ago, Aiman told him what a good dad he was. I just think that is so incredibly sweet. Maybe every single five year old on the planet gives lots of hugs and tells his/her parents how awesome they are, but I choose to think that Aiman just has a real special little soul (if I can get so New Agey on you!)

Now that I have waxed poetic about Aiman’s sweet nature, I have to spend a little time on the superficial. Woo doggy, my kid is CUTE! Like seriously cute. As in his Pre-K teacher told me the other day that in her 27 years of teaching she has never had such a good looking kid. I know this is super braggy and not at all modest like I should be, and I’m sorry, but he is just so handsome!

He is also very sporty.   Aiman has soccer every Saturday and he loves it. He also is a big fan of challenging Sofia to living room running races, he pretty much always wins, but sometimes he lets her catch up so they can tie. It is incredibly adorable. He will be embarrassed by this in 10 years, but he also loves to dance. It is the cutest most aggressive b-boy style dancing I have ever seen, and I have no idea where he picked it up, but man the kid definitely has the music in him. He runs, jumps, swims, tumbles, monkey climbs and just goes crazy with the best of them and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Whenever I write these birthday posts I always struggle with how inadequate they are to convey the sheer awesomeness of the little guy. We are really so completely lucky to him in our lives.

Happy Birthday Aiman! We love you!

For a trip down memory lane …

Aiman at 4 Months

Aiman at 6 Months

Aiman at 1 Year

Aiman at 2 Years

Aiman at 3 Years

Aiman at 4 Years

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6 Responses to Aiman is Five!

  1. Elaine Gillam says:

    Happy Birthday Aiman! Love Great-Uncle Marvin and Great-Aunt Elaine. Thanks for sharing Kristina. Can’t believe five years have gone by and all the awesome events in you and Riaz’ lives!

  2. Linda Scates says:

    Kristina, YouTube says “the content owner hasn’t made this available for mobile,” whatever that means. Is there something you can do to change the settings, or do I need to crank up the real computer?

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Anita says:

    Happy Birthday to your Sweet Aiman!! Wow Kristina, awesome footage…had me all choked up!! Beautiful family! Can’t wait to meet everyone one of them!!

  4. Mom says:

    Fantastic, Kristina. It looks better on the big screen anyway. More of him to love. 🙂 He’s SOOOO SWEET.

  5. britney says:

    such a big milestone!

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