Paleo Diet (Kind of)

Before we left for Australia Riaz and I were eating a kind of modified paleo diet. We were definitely not strict about it and we probably were doing all kinds of things “wrong,” but we both felt pretty awesome. Our diet mainly consisted of cutting out processed sugar, gluten, rice, potatoes, beans and dairy (wow – sounds restrictive when I write it out, but I swear it was not bad at all). A regular meal would be chicken or fish, a green salad, some other kind of veggies and then more veggies and maybe a sweet potato. So our diet was basically chicken, vegetables and fruit. I know it sounds boring, but I was making 3 or 4 different vegetable dishes each night and it really kept things from getting dull. Plus … I’ll say it again … we felt GREAT.

In Australia we fell off our diet … hard. We are now attempting to get back on to our pre-Australia diet. It’s been pretty difficult. I don’t want to go all crunchy on you folks, but I seriously think you can be addicted to sugar and gluten. I remember it being hard to cut them out before, but once I’d made it through the first week I felt fine, it was easier then because I was on maternity leave and could completely control what I had access too since I basically wasn’t leaving the house! I’m trying to kick the habit again, but it’s harder with the Coffee Bean across the street. Those damn carbs call to me.

We have recently put ourselves on a fairly strict financial budget (in other words, no more mid-day lattes!), which is helping me control my Coffee Bean carb urges, but I still sometimes dream about butter croissants.

This time around we are still keeping most sugar, gluten and dairy off the menu, but we are eating lentils (because they are cheap and easy to prepare in bulk), brown rice and the occasional potato. Since being put on the budget to end all budgets I have kept pretty well to the diet (so for about 2 weeks) and I really do feel better for it. Riaz is also a big fan and especially loves when I cook big pots of food on the weekend that he can re-heat all week.

I am mainly putting this out to the world to give me some accountability. I don’t want to fall off the gluten-free wagon again! Here’s hoping I can stick to it even after winning the lottery and transitioning to the life of leisure I know I am destined for!

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3 Responses to Paleo Diet (Kind of)

  1. Linda Scates says:

    Good luck with that. 🙂 I haven’t cut out gluten, but at least my bread is all homemade sourdough which I’ve read is less bad for you than yeast bread, being that it’s all probiotic and stuff. I admire your resolve.

  2. Mark says:

    You are right it is harder kicking the cravings the second time around. Stick with it though it is worth it. Good Luck

  3. Donna (from Australia) says:

    I’ve managed to cut out the bread (only ate sourdough 😦 ) but already feel great without it. I have a Paleo Diet book but just couldn’t take that step.

    Thanks for writing about it, it’s made me re-think “maybe I should give it a go after all).

    Keep up the good work.

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