In the Swing of Things …

Well … that went fast.  My maternity leave was a long (by American standards) 5 months, but it went by in a blink and I’m back to work.  My job is extremely wonderful and my co-workers are forgiving, understanding and awesome, but it is HARD to be away from the little bobbins after 5 months of spending every day with them.

The Kids

Riaz is settling in to the new routine as well.  I’d let him write a guest post about how his days are going, but he’s much too tired to try!


No lie – three kids are hard work!


Aiman has started back up at school and besides some bumpy drop-offs involving a lot of tears, he seems to be doing just fine.


Sofia LOVES having her daddy all to herself for big stretches of the day while Mika sleeps.  I understand that there are hours of book reading, puzzles and play cooking that happen while I am at work.


Miss Mika is the happiest little monkey.  She WILL.NOT take the bottle, but she is eating solid foods like a champ and doesn’t seem to be dehydrating so we’re just following her lead.  She is really just the sweetest little thing.  She’s quick with a smile, loves a good hug and is super eager to be able to start mixing it up with her siblings.  She is very mobile at this point.  She’s up on her hands and knees, but mostly gets around with a very effective army crawl.


Riaz and I are totally exhausted, but there is kind of a cool little feeling that comes with having all of the kids you are going to have.  When I look around the table at dinner I can picture the next 18 years with my little family and it makes me indescribably happy and totally fulfilled.


Whew … enough with the sap already.   I know Grandma Scates is anxious for more pictures, and I’m doing my best to fulfill her request!  A few more snaps, mainly from our Australian adventure.







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6 Responses to In the Swing of Things …

  1. Shireen says:

    Thanks for sharing Kristina, you truly are one amazing woman. What a lovely little family unit you have and it was a pleasure meeting your little munchkins. Mariah is in love with Aiman and Sophia. It was really lovely spending time with you guys. Xoxox

    • Kristina says:

      Thank you Shireen! It was so great spending time with all of you. Hopefully we can do it again soon … maybe you can come to L.A. for a visit! 🙂

  2. Linda Scates says:

    Grandma Scates is pleased. Yes, very pleased. :). Thanks for indulging me, Kristina.

  3. Linda Scates says:

    That little Sofia is such a goofball. :). Thanks for the pics. I LOVE them.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Britney says:

    great pictures! And i’m going to need some 3-kid advice from you, I’m sure!

  5. sifinalaska says:

    Good lord you two make beautiful babies.

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