1,125.  That is the number of pictures and videos Riaz, my mom and myself took during September.  I did the math and that is only 37.5 pictures a day, which actually does not seem all that unreasonable when you have a new baby in the house.  Still … I may need to come up with a new way to sort our pictures for the next little while; by “month” probably won’t cut it.

Since I am not in any kind of shape to craft complete sentences using grammar and stuff, I am just going to give you a few of my favorite shots of the kids from the last couple of weeks.  They are cuter than words anyway.

Aiman – The Boy

He’s into robots.  Enough said.

Aiman + RobotFull disclosure, my mom took this shot.  Look at that kid.  It is not right for a boy to have those eyelashes!

EyelashesSofia –  The Boss

Cute Is What I Am.

SofiaThis requires some explanation.  We are working on rhyming with Aiman.  Thinking that I was very very clever I rhymed nose with toes and said something along the lines of … “you stick your toes in your nose.”  The below picture demonstrates what has been happening in my house since I made that hilarious joke.

Toes NoseMika – Variously … Baby Bird, Meek Meek, Mika Jam, The Baby

What big eyes you have.

MikaTummy time!

Mika 2


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2 Responses to 1,125

  1. Beautiful family. Thanks for keeping us up to date with pictures.

  2. sifinalaska says:

    Holy crap lady. You two make some of the most unbelievably beautiful kids!

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