Newborn Update:  Mika is a dreamy little newborn.  She is sometimes a touch fussy, but mainly just a sleepy little snuggler.  She continues to refuse to sleep anywhere but her swing and on my chest, but she gives me decent stretches of shut eye every night so I’m not complaining (yet!)

Moving on to my two little fish.

This photo …

Siblings in the Pool

was taken about a week before Sofia realized that she didn’t need no stinkin’ floatation device and that she could swim with the best of them.

Her swimming mainly consists of a modified doggy paddle/back stroke/water treading type of maneuver – but it keeps her head above water and generally propels her in the direction she wants to go.


It may appear that Aiman is trying to drown Sofia at the end of the video, but I assure you, it was a rescue operation.  That video was taken about 2 weeks ago and Sofia hasn’t needed any rescues since.  Her swimming skills are truly impressive for a 2.5 year old.  She is a sensation at the pool and makes her dad and I obscenely proud.

High Flying

Aiman has been swimming for well over a year now and can swim the length of the pool underwater.  He is currently working on turns at the wall so that he can go back the way he came.  With his flipper-sized feet I think we may have the next Michael Phelps on our hands (except without all the pot smoking and … you know … Vegas strippers).

Phelps in Training

Aiman in the Air

The kids are in the pool pretty much every day so it is no surprise that they are swimming.  But, I have to give credit where it is due.  Nobody is a better swim instructor than Riaz.  His instructing mainly consists of throwing the kids in the pool and letting them figure it out, but figure it out they did and now we have two completely water-safe little bobbins who are totally fearless around the water.

So … good work Riaz!  Our kids are awesome because of you.

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