I’ve gone from nesting to resting.  Let me preface all of this by saying I AM FINE.  Totally fine.  There is nothing wrong with me.


I’m supposed to spend the next week or so lying about.  I’ve apparently got low platelets.  In the immediate term all that really means is that I might not be able to get the epidural if they dip down any further.  Gentle readers, I’ve given birth without the benefit of an epidural and I mean it was …. fine.  I survived.  I could definitely do it again.  But, do I really want to?  Not really guys.  Not really at all.  It hurt.  And I haven’t forgotten what that was like.

Also, there was literally no difference in the love/bond/feeling of awesome after either of the babies births.  I mean it is all so crazy and intense and … like … bloody no matter what kind of interventions you have that I kind of don’t really feel like I got anything extra out of doing it naturally except the knowledge that I did it.  Which is cool, but I don’t need to do it again.

So, when Doc says “low platelets = no epidural” I sit up and listen.  She told me that some women benefit from a kind of modified bed rest and that if I could stop work, I should.  So I did.  Thursday was my last day.  I’m still fighting the urge to check my Blackberry, but I feel like I left things in fairly decent shape at work, so I was ready to stop.

The thing that is so annoying about all of this is that I was told my platelets were a bit low a few months ago, so I did some reading and found that I might be able to fix the problem by altering my diet a bit.  I have been eating so much leafy greens, dark berries and meat in the last couple of months I have practically turned into a spinach leaf over here.  But, my platelets have dropped even from the last blood test so I guess it was all for not.

There are some other risks associated with low platelets that have nothing to do with good labor drugs which my doctor informed me were “very serious” and which I’d obviously like to avoid.  So … yeah, I’m resting now.

I actually thought it was all a bit of an overreaction, but since I’ve been home I have been laying low and finding that I am actually totally exhausted.  I seem to fall asleep at the drop of a hat and my body is pretty achy, so I’m guess I’m relieved for the forced rest.

I go in for another blood test next Monday (the 26th).  If  my platelets haven’t changed or dipped lower, my doctor wants to induce (I’ll be just a bit over 39 weeks at that point).  If they go up, we can wait to go into labor naturally which I would much prefer (my labors are long y’all and I really don’t want to do the whole thing in a hospital).

So that’s that.  I’ll be doing a whole lot of sitting around this week.  I might actually finish a few of my unfinished knitting projects and will sit passively while the kids destroy the house.  Should be a good time.

Everybody send me good platelet strengthening vibes.


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2 Responses to Resting

  1. lori says:

    oh! i came over to say thank you and here you are having a baby!! i am sending waves of good wishes for a simple easy quick (yes!) birth day! i have a friend that had her baby this weekend, been feeling a little sad and nostalgic, i think if i could go back and do it all again, i would (i had five). try to forget about the house keeping and take good care of yourself and your little ones. time passes too quickly (oops! sorry here i am giving advice, one more thing, get some rest! haha, it’s hard to stop being a mom)

  2. Elaine Gillam says:

    We will be praying that all goes well and that your platelets improve. Let us know how you get along and when baby arrives. Love, Aunt Elaine and Uncle Marvin From Ohio!

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