Magic Juice

I’m not sure I have mentioned here that Riaz is studying to become a yoga instructor.  In case I haven’t … Riaz is studying to become a yoga instructor.  He’s taking a six month intensive class and there has been a whole lot of health and wellness up in our house lately.

One thing Riaz has been pretty focused on is eating healthier.  We were fairly healthy eaters to begin with, but there has always been quite a bit of gluten, white rice and dairy in our diets.  We steer pretty clear of processed foods, but they are certainly not unheard of in our cabinets.  In the last month or so we have made a concerted effort to cut out what Riaz describes as “white” foods (i.e., rice, flour and sugar).  I’m a pregnant lady so I still eat my cereal in the morning and my PB&J before bed (I am only human people!), but overall we have all been eating much better.

One of the things we ALL love is a good green smoothie in the morning.  The kids are particular fans and have started calling it “Magic Juice.”  I have no idea where they got that from, but when they see me throwing things into the blender it’s all about how quickly mom can get the Magic Juice out of the blender and into their bellies.

Magic Juice!

Magic Juice!

The recipe I use is a slight modification of one I found on Thug Kitchen, which is a hysterical tumblr if you can handle the extreme use of profanity in your recipes, which I obviously can.

Below is my recipe for Magic Juice.  This is highly modifiable – use all spinach if that is what you have – or all kale.  Use more or less banana and pineapple if you want it more/less sweet.  Leave the pineapple out altogether and use a pear or an apple instead.

Do what your hearts and refrigerators are telling you is what I am saying.

To make Magic Juice just throw the following in a blender and let the machine do its thing.

  1. 1 cup coconut or plain water
  2. ½ cup fresh OJ (I don’t squeeze my own oranges or anything – that would be crazy – we buy fresh squeezed for the kids and I just use some of that)
  3. 1 big handful spinach
  4. 1 big handful kale
  5. 1 cup peeled cucumber cut into chunks
  6. ½ frozen banana (must be frozen – do not toy with me people –it makes your smoothie so much better!  Just buy an extra bunch when you are at the store, peel them all when you get home, break them up, stick ‘em on a baking sheet and throw them in the freezer until frozen then throw them all in big bag until ready to use.)
  7. 5-6 medium sized pineapple chunks (Costco has big bags of frozen pineapple.  We use that because cutting up a pineapple every few days would be like a special form of torture.)


  1. 1-2 tablespoons hemp seeds (Omega-3s are your friends.  Hemp seeds can be pricy, but we get these along with our organic quinoa at our totally hippy Costco, so we get a good deal).
  2. 1-2 teaspoons chia sees (optional, but ya know, good for you).
  3. 3-4 mint leaves (YUM!)
  4. Lemon juice (to taste, maybe a tablespoon or so) – I actually just peel half of a lemon and toss it in.  Riaz has been drinking lots of water with lemon (he is a well-kept man I tell you) and one day I just decided why not throw some lemon in the smoothie.  It actually adds some depth to the juice, but it may not be for everyone.

This makes about 28 ozs of juice.  Its enough for medium sized glasses for Riaz and I and  small glasses for the kids (obviously if it is just you, make a smaller batch).  I know it seems like a lot of ingredients, but it literally takes me all of 2 minutes to put this together in the morning and it tastes delicious.

I love that we start our day off with this juice and that the kids absolutely go bonkers for it.  Getting a 4 and 2 year old to drink what is basically a cup full of spinach and kale is a parenting win in my book.

Magic Green ...

Magic Green …



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6 Responses to Magic Juice

  1. Britney says:

    Good for you! I’ve been gluten free on and off for years. You will feel SO much better going Gluten free!

  2. Linda Scates says:

    Kristina, I can’t believe this! We’re doing green smoothies, too, and here I thought I’d have to give them up when I come visit you. 🙂 We’ve been using fresh produce out of the garden, which is growing like gangbusters this year because of the extra sun and heat. A couple leaves of Swiss chard or kale, spent lettuce, whatever works.

  3. Linda Scates says:

    Costco is our friend for the fruit, but I don’t think ours has hemp seeds, just chia, which I’ve been using with flax seeds.

  4. Linda Scates says:

    Check out this site, which is where I’ve been finding some good smoothie recipes.

    • Kristina says:

      You won’t have to give up your smoothies! Though they definitely won’t be as good as using fresh greens from the garden! I think the flax seeds have the same kind of benefits as the hemp seeds. We get our chia seeds from Costco too, they last forever because the bag is ginormous! Got to love Costco!

  5. We’ve just recently gone vegan and I am working on getting the gluten out of our lives. I have extremely bad eczema. Gluten and dairy are both huge triggers. by cutting both out, I’m less itchy and more energized along with a slew of other health benefits! I also am in love with green smoothies and this recipe looks magnificent! I would probably throw in a pinch of chia seeds and a pinch of hemp seeds for some omega 3’s and an extra protein shot!

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