Knitting and Whining

There are many women in the world who will hate me when I say that I have relatively easy pregnancies.  They just kind of bump along, no scares, not too many pains (except the debilitating headaches that I have gotten with all three, but really only for about a month), my labors are long but have been (knock on wood) fairly uneventful and I basically feel pretty much ok.

But, this pregnancy is finally starting to wear me down.  I am chalking up my total feeling of blah to: (1) being older (I’ve crossed over into “Advanced Maternal Age” and I am feeling it y’all); (2) the baby is sitting lower down so the hip pain with this one has been much much worse than with Aiman and Sofia; and (3) and my commute to work is painfully long.  I am in my car for two hours a day and it is just an uncomfortable position to sit when you’ve got 30 extra pounds sitting directly on your hips!

All of this is to say that I am tired when I get home from work and even sitting on the couch is starting to feel hard.  I am currently doing this half reclined half seated position that seems to take some of the pressure off my hips while also relieving some of the aches in my rib cage.  The position is not very conducive to much of anything except looking the very definition of a beached whale, but I guess that’s how it goes when you are 35 weeks pregnant.

I really do not want to complain too much, I have it SO.MUCH.EASIER than so many pregnant ladies, but a little whining every now and then is good for the soul!

Anyhoodle … despite my inability to sit up straight in the evenings I have still been plugging away at the knitting.  I could wax poetic about how therapeutic it is for me to sit and create something every night (I think it is the thing (besides getting adorable snuggles from Aiman and Sofia when I get home) that I look forward to the most through the day) but instead I’ll just show you what I have been up to.

Pretty much everything I am working on right now is a gift for someone who may or may not check the blog occasionally so I’ll be cryptic as usual.  I know how much you all love that!  (But, obviously leave me a comment if you want the pattern links – I’ll definitely send them along!)

First up, Layla’s sweater.  I basically just have a ton of in-the-round stockinette to do to finish this guy up.  I put it on the back-burner because we are not leaving for Australia until the end of November and I’m trying to prioritize, but I think I’ve just got a week or two left to finish it up.  I love this pattern.  It’s probably not super practical with all the lacy bits, but it can be for special occasions!

Ooooh .... pretty!

Ooooh …. pretty!

Next up, a … um … gift … for … someone.   This is a very popular Martina Behm pattern on Ravelry.  I think the edges give it away.  I love the colors and knitting all those little “teeth” is very addictive.  If I ever get done making gifts for other people, this would be one I would make for myself.



Finally, I just felt like doing something else on Monday night so I cast on one of these little dolls, which are just about the cutest things in the world.  I am using bulky yarn (which is what I had on hand) on US7 needles instead of the suggested worsted weight on US4 needles – in retrospect I should have used a US8 or 9, but no real harm done.  The dolls will be bigger and ya know …. bulkier, but I think I’ve got a little wiggle room with this pattern.  I got almost the full way through the body on the first night and then onto the head on the second, so this will be done soon.  I’ll probably make one for Aiman and one for Sofia so there is no fighting.  If they come out o.k. I might make one or two for my nieces in Australia too.  They are quick, easy and burn through my stash, so I am a fan.

I .... can't think of a witty caption for this.  See, pregnancy hardships above.

I …. can’t think of a witty caption for this. See, pregnancy hardships above.

And … one more thing.  The yarn store near my office was having an anniversary sale last week so I popped over and bought this 50% off Lorna’s Laces yarn in blue for Aiman’s new sweater (if you remember I frogged a mostly complete sweater in a fit of pregnancy induced hormones – I also decided I hated the yarn I had for the sweater so … yeah …  here we are).  I bought the Wonderful Wallaby pattern and the little booklet is so cute and retro but the way the pattern is written is not AT ALL what I am used to so I see lots of frustration in my future.  Luckily there are a ton of resources out there about his particular pattern so hopefully I won’t tear all of my hair out.

50% off yarn is the BEST!

50% off yarn is the BEST!

Also, just so you all know, this is my current stash.

Bag O' Yarn

Bag O’ Yarn

It may be time for a new storage plan.

That’s it for this week in crafting.  Wish me luck for these next five weeks of pregnancy … I want to go all the way to the end so that my mom is here when the baby comes, but my legs are also numb about 70% of the time and I generally like to be able to feel my legs … I’m pretty much struggling with my emotions right now!

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8 Responses to Knitting and Whining

  1. Love reading your blog! Sorry you are uncomfortable, but five weeks should go quickly. We are heading to CT as Maria is due Aug 9th (Reese Aaron). We’ll be waiting to hear your news! How long will you be in Australia? Love you, Aunt Elaine

    • Kristina says:

      Hi Aunt Elaine! I love getting your comments! We’re going to be in Australia for 2 months. My maternity leave is really the only time we will be able to spend an extended period of time there so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’m so excited for Mariah’s little one to make his appearance.

  2. Correction: Mariah not Maria can’t spell!

  3. Ha. Ha. I had a pretty easy pregnancy too until 26 weeks and then it all went to crap. My sweet baby girl was born at 33 weeks due to my “advanced maternal age” which by the way I think sounds much worse than just saying “old” Good luck on your last five weeks. I love your bag o stash! At least it is all in one place! Just dropping by from the yarn along.

    • Kristina says:

      Ha ha – I would much prefer “old.” That is what I hear when they say advanced maternal age anyway!

  4. Carrie says:

    I am doing my usual Coffee…Post pattern…peek in and see what everyone else is creating.
    You have quite a few projects going on…but its fun to skip around.
    With All That I Am
    Carrie – The Handmade Homemaker

  5. Linda Scates says:

    Yes, you must wait until I get there. I will be SO MAD at you if you go early.

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