This is Not a Style Blog

My apartment is not well lit.  I can’t and won’t spend hours looking for the most perfect lamp or wall decal.  All-in-all I’m a pretty terrible home-maker and am pretty much satisfied if the toys are picked up at the end of the night and there are no scraps of food rotting under the dining room table.

But ….  I’m really happy with the kids’ room and I want to show it off!  When we moved into this apartment, the second bedroom was pretty much Aiman’s room.  Sofia was still sleeping in bed with us and she stayed that way for quite a while.  When we were finally able to transition her into Aiman’s room, we pretty much just stuck the crib in there and called it a day.  She eventually grew out of her crib and we found a good cheap toddler bed on Craigslist which she promptly refused to sleep in.  For the next few months she and Aiman shared his bed.  He slept on one end and she slept on the other.  The cute factor was extreme, but it was not conducive to the monkeys getting solid sleep and I had to get up OFTEN to deal with one or more flailing child.

So, a few months ago we decided to get the kids a new room.  An Aiman and Sofia room, rather than an Aiman room that Sofia just happened to occupy.  Our credit card took a pretty good hit from all the purchases, but I think the things we bought will grow with the kids for awhile and hopefully we won’t have to buy anything new for at least a few years!

First thing we bought was these blackout curtains because the sun comes directly into the kids’ room in the morning and we were getting a very consistent 5:45 a.m. wake-up call from Sofia and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Sleep!  Glorious Sleep!

Sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Next, I went on a quest for the perfect beds.  First we were thinking of some kind of theme bed, like cars or something, but I quickly realized they would grow out of them in just a couple of years and that unless the beds were identical someone was going to feel like he/she got the shaft (I’m looking in your direction Sofia!)  Around that time we were invited to a friend’s birthday party and their daughter had a really cute loft bed.  I hemmed and hawed about whether Sofia was too young for something like that, but then found these reasonably priced beds and decided to just take the plunge.

No one has fallen off yet ...

No one has fallen off yet …

not that they haven't tried ....

not that they haven’t tried ….



I really like the little curtains that create the under-bed playhouses.  They were originally affixed using a tape/velcro situation and never stayed up, it was very very annoying.  Riaz came to the rescue with a staple gun and those things aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  The curtains themselves are high quality, but the way they are meant to attach to the bed is just stupid.  The kids hang out under Aiman’s bed quite a bit, but don’t really go under Sofia’s (no idea why), so we keep all the large trucks and cars under Sofia’s bed along with her trike and little car thing.  Yea for storage!

We bought these very reasonably priced memory foam mattresses and mattress covers and have never looked back.  The kids sleep like rocks.  All night.  ALL. NIGHT.  Sofia has been a notoriously terrible sleeper and this all night thing has been a revelation (it’s all about to end in about 5 weeks when Baby No. 3 arrives, but let’s not talk about that now.)

Aiman got alphabet bedding because he is obsessed with letters and Sofia got lady bug bedding because squeeee!  Ladybugs!  She actually referred to her bedspread as “scary” when I first made her bed, but she has grown to like it.

The ABCs of Sleep!

The ABCs of Sleep!

Ladybugs are Scary!

Ladybugs are Scary!

The kids’ Ikea dresser had seen much better days (the bottom drawer was off its track and threated to cut off toes every time it was opened) so we bought a new dresser (which took Riaz a day and a half to put together – sorry honey!).  The dresser has enough space for all three kids’ things (for now) and just looks better in the room.

Free movie posters courtesy of the DGA!  Thank you work.

Free movie posters courtesy of the DGA! Thank you work.

I spent more money than I should have on this rug (sorry no link, looks like the place I bought it is sold out and I can’t find it anywhere else – weird), but Aiman is totally in love with it.  He likes me to pretend to be his teacher and have him sit on different letters and numbers.  He would play that game for hours if I let him.

What letter should I sit on mom?!?!

What letter should I sit on mom?!?!

And that’s pretty much the room.  Like I said, this is not a style blog, nothing is perfectly placed, there are bare walls, buckets full of toys, posters hung up with thumb tacks, and a plastic Ikea table that has been drawn all over.

But … I think the kids’ room is really cute and practical for us and they sometimes go in there and have unassisted, unsupervised play time and it is just the best.  I love hearing them in there talking and playing with each other (they also sometimes scream and try to rip out each other’s hair, but baby steps people, baby steps).  In any event, it is so cute to see them playing together, I hope the bond they’ve formed in their room will help with the upheaval that is about to happen in their little lives!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, it is just funny .... and out of focus.

This picture has nothing to do with this post, it is just funny …. and out of focus.

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2 Responses to This is Not a Style Blog

  1. Linda Scates says:

    So, so cute. I love what you’ve done here. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Naz says:

    Its been ages since I have checked out your blog (bad aussie sister that I am!!) but I have loved catching up on everything. I love the kids beds too!! Our lil ones will be sharing a room soon enough and you have given me some good ideas 🙂

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