The Good, The Bad and The OK

It may appear to the naked eye that this is turning into a knitting blog.  Fans of my kids, I assure you that is not the case.  I have some kid related blog posts in the works, I just needed to recover from The Illness before I could devote any energy to my little munchkins.  Specifically, Aiman started soccer camp last weekend and the cute cuteness was unbearably cute and I can’t wait to show you all.  I’m going to get that post together before the end of the week and seriously, you will die from the adorableness of it all.

I am happy to report that I finally feel better.  I still have a bit of lingering exhaustion/ickiness/blah, but I am mostly cured.  Thank you Jee-bus!  I thought I was dying.

Anyway, on to the knitting, because its Wednesday and that’s what I do.

First up, The Good.

I’m plugging away on the summer sweater for my niece.  I am loving how it is coming out so far though sometimes I get a little turned around on the lace.   Once I am through the lace part on the sleeves, I think this will come together really quickly.  The shade of pink is really adorable and so girly, my little neice is going to look fabulous in it.  This one is kind of a surprise so I’m not going to link to the pattern, but it is a VERY popular Kelly Booker pattern so you folks on Ravelry can probably figure out what I am up to.

Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!

Second up, The Bad.

I should not make decisions when I am hormonally pregnant and also sick as a dog.  But that is what happened this weekend and Aiman’s sweater suffered the consequences.  You guys, I just hated this pattern.  There was going to be a ton of seaming to do at the end and it was just kind of boring.  Every time I looked in my project bag, I saw it there … mocking me.  I did not want to finish it.  So … this is what happened.

Where's My Sweater Mom!?!?

Where’s My Sweater Mom!?!?

Yes, I frogged the whole thing.  THE. WHOLE. THING.  I’m starting over.  With a new pattern.  I was more than 75% done, but I knew I would never finish.  So it’s back to the drawing board.  I think I am going to go with this pattern.  I love that it is seamless and top down and I think Aiman will look super adorable in it.  Sigh, I need help.

Finally, The OK.

I did quite a bit of work on Sofia’s dress over the weekend.  I re-knit the bodice that I had to rip out and finished the sleeves and armholes.  All that is left to do is seam up the sides and finish the neck.  This pattern is a bit fussy, but really cute.  The main problem is that I just chose the wrong yarn.  It is beautiful and soft and shimmery, but it is just too delicate for this hefty of a project.  It would be much better as a shawl or light scarf or something.  Ah well, live and learn.  Sofia will get a bit of wear out of it over Christmas in Australia so I am glad I did it.

Nearly Done!

Nearly Done!

That’s it guys.  Thank you for sticking with me through all of the knitting.  Cute kid posts are on their way!

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5 Responses to The Good, The Bad and The OK

  1. Leslie says:

    Nice knitting, a suggestion for your son’s sweater,, I love this one, only 6 stitches to close up under each arm and the seam to close the hood.

  2. ameyknits says:

    I think that ripping back an entire item can be kind of cathartic. It no longer hangs over you, glaring at you in that way abandoned things do. Instead, it gets a chance to become something that will actually get used. A much better use of the yarn.

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