Apologies in advance you guys, I’m about to talk about how sick I am again.


Ugh!  This …. thing … has made a nice home in my sinuses and I feel just awful.  Sinus headache, pain in my cheeks, nose, ears and even teeth!  It is everywhere!  The last two days I’ve also been feeling pretty nauseous, but I think it is a by-product of all the phlegm that is everywhere.  I told my OB all of this and she didn’t seem concerned, so I’m not too worried there is anything wrong pregnancy-wise.  Plus the little bobbin is rockin’ and rollin’ in there like nobody’s business so he/she does not seem to be bothered by his/her mother’s extreme debilitation.

I am doing all the natural remedies.  Neti pot.  Hot and cold compresses.  Fluids.  Soup.  Naps.  Etc. Etc.

I am also doing all the not so natural remedies because no one benefits when I feel this terrible, including the fetus.  I will finish my course of antibiotics tonight (because this feels an awful lot like a real sinus infection).  I’m taking Tylenol for my headaches.  Sudafed for the congestion.  And Benadryl to help me sleep.  Yes, I am loading up over here, but I have not felt this bad for this long in I don’t know how many years and I want it to stop!

I saw my primary care doctor on Wednesday and was basically told there was nothing she could do, but to be sure to call if I spike a fever because then … you know … pneumonia.  Um … ok … thanks?

I see my OB on Monday for my regularly scheduled appointment, and I am praying to every deity I can think of that I will feel better by then, but we’re going on two weeks here and the ick just seems to be moving around my body.

I’ll say it again.  Ugh.

That’s pretty much all I got over here.  Riaz has been totally stepping up to the plate and letting me lie around moaning and groaning with nary a complaint.  He’s at the pool with the kids right now as a matter of fact even though I know that he isn’t really feeling tip-top either.

He’s a good husband.

Anyone have any wonder cures?  Seriously, I will try anything at this point!

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2 Responses to Infected

  1. Linda Scates says:

    It sounds like you’re doing everything right. I had something like that when we came back from Nome this year. It took forever to shake it, but it does eventually go away. Hang in there.


  2. Britney says:

    Ugh. sounds awful. you better yet?

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