Sean Connery

Sofia has Sean Connery’s accent.  I don’t know how it happened.  I mean, none of us are Scottish, Mr. Connery only comes over to visit on rare occasions and we don’t have Indiana Jones on a continuous loop at our house or anything.  It is pretty much a mystery how she picked up his particular way of speaking, but there you have it, we have a tiny James Bond running around our house.

The Sean Connery accent mostly manifests itself in the way she pronounces “S.”  So instead of “yes,” its “yesh” (just say it out loud!  See!  Now you sound like Sean Connery too!), instead of “something” its “shomthing, “cupcakes” are “cupcakesh” … you get the idea.

Sofia is funny because she has very good enunciation and uses actual words for things (rather than made up baby-talk type words).  Strangers can always understand what she is saying.  So “yes” never comes out “ya” or “yeah” it always comes out … clear as a bell … as “yesh!”

I’m sure the Sean Connery phase will pass, but before it does I am obviously going to teach her to tell people that her name is “Bond, Jamesh, Bond.”

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One Response to Sean Connery

  1. Hilary says:

    Haha! That’s precious!

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