An Ode to Non-Observant Husbands

Look, I don’t expect Riaz to be as focused on my knitting as I am.  That would be weird. But I do make him review my work every night so he can ooooh and aaaahh at my evolving skills.  I would think that after all of that examination he would at least know what I was working on.  So, last week when I concluded that I wanted to knit him a hat for his birthday I thought long and hard about how I would keep it a secret while working on it.

I should not have been concerned.

He took one look at the hat last week and said, “oh, is that the other sleeve for Aiman’s sweater?”  Why yes, yes it is.  Don’t worry that it is not even close to the same color, I’m knitting it in the round, it’s got a totally different kind of stitch pattern than the sleeve, and it’s ya know …. a hat.  But ok, it is the other sleeve for Aiman’s sweater.

At least the gift will remain a surprise until Riaz’s birthday tomorrow!

Only 15 short rounds to go.  Barring a tragedy I should be done tomorrow.

Only 15 short rounds to go. Barring a tragedy I should be done tomorrow.

I enjoyed knitting up this hat.  It was my first “in the round” experience.  I was a little scared of it, but I should not have been.  It was easy and it knit up super quick, plus, no seams!  Yea for not having to do any mattress stitch which I am terrible at.  The yarn is soft and beautiful, but holy cow, the dye on the yarn stains my hands a deep blue every night.  It comes right off with soap and water, but yeah, blue hands.  I think most of the dye that is going to rub off has rubbed off on my hands, but Riaz may have a blue head for a few days.  Happy Birthday to you honey!

Joining up with the Yarn Along.

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One Response to An Ode to Non-Observant Husbands

  1. lori says:

    hee hee, so funny. there is a good chance he may be more observant from now on, knowing another new hat might be for him! happy birthday to your love.

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