So Close ...

Last night I got back to work on my blanket, same as I have done for the last 4 or 5 days. I am SO.CLOSE to finishing. I don’t know what was happening last night but I just couldn’t seem to get the very simple very repetitive pattern right. I would get to the end of a row and realize that I was a few stitches off, or that there was a hole in my work, or that I had just messed something up along the way. I knit and ripped out the same 3 rows 4 different times. Blergh. Time to give up. I put the SO.CLOSE to done blanket down and decided I would work on Aiman’s sweater for a bit.

So far so good, easy stockinette, no math or counting, I can handle this! Except … when I was finishing up for the night I realized that I had somehow mis-read the pattern and stitched an inch too few on the backside of the sweater (the part I thought was done). I’ll have to rip out my bind off and get it back on the needles. Not that big of a deal, but … annoying.

Which leads us to the dress … ugh. The consensus on my last post was that the dress is super cute and I must finish it. So … a few nights ago I sat down to do some of the finishing. It required me to pick up some stitches along the arm hole and knit around. I realized after I had picked up the stitches that I had picked them up from the wrong side so I need to pull them out and start over. I started again but I think I had over-worked the area and a few stitches somehow ripped out from the middle of my work. BLERGH! I ended up having to rip out almost the entire front side of the bodice. I’m sure if I were a more accomplished knitter I could have figured out how to fix the problem without undoing several hours of work, but I searched the internet and could not find anything to help me with this particular problem, so I just bit the bullet and pulled the dang thing apart. Sigh.

The other night I had a dream that my doctor was chastising me for not getting enough sleep and it was making me sick. In other words, I was asleep, dreaming about how I don’t sleep enough. A few days before that one of the ladies I work with who had been on vacation walked into my office and said, and I quote, “gosh … you look tired.” Thanks helpful co-worker. Thanks a lot.

I am going to go ahead and blame all my severe knitting failures in the last fews days on my lack of sleep. That’s legit right? It’s hard to count to 10 over and over when your kids woke you up 6 times the night before! Next week will be better.

Joining up with the Yarn Along. Though maybe we can re-name for this week. Joining up with the Stitch-Rip Along?

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2 Responses to Blergh

  1. Britney says:

    your dream about sleep made me giggle!

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