Bike Fun.

When I was a kid I had a purple banana seat bike.  It was the bike I learned to ride on and was responsible for MANY cuts and bruises.  It also died a horrific death when I was in the 4th grade.  Some stupid 6th graders thought it would be funny to destroy some poor girl’s bike and mine was chosen.  I was in school and went out to get my bike to ride home and I found it completely dismembered, handle bars in one place, seat in another, streamers totally torn apart.  It was like a crime scene.

There were tears.

I did get my sister’s hand-me-down yellow ten-speed bike which was SO COOL so I ended up profiting from the destruction, but still, kids are mean.

Anyway, before the sad demise of the bike, I used to ride it with my big sister.  You could fit about six people on one of those banana seats so she used to ride in the back and pedal while I rode in the front and did the steering.  This once led to a very epic crash for which I still bear a nasty scar on my knee and I’m pretty sure Heather broke her wrist or something equally terrible. All I really remember was a lot of blood and many months of scab picking (I was gross).

This morning, I was taken back to those bike rides, when Aiman and Sofia did this:

Those two munchkins fight pretty much all the time,  but every once in a while I see this cute sibling love and cooperation and it makes me think that someday I may live in a house where the two smallest occupants are not constantly trying to fight to the death.  A girl can dream.

P.S.  Sofia likes to wear her helmet backwards.  It’s a fashion statement.

P.P.S. Around the 30 second mark Sofia hurts her hand and Aiman says, “Are you ok?” Best mom moment of the day. Hands down.

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