Oil Slick

I’m about to admit something internet.  This may alarm some of the members of my family (Melissa).  Last month, I ditched the soaps, lotions, peels, scrubs and retins in favor of … oil.

That’s right, I have become a convert to the oil cleansing method and I absolutely love it.

I have always (ALWAYS!) had trouble with my skin.  It’s not really dry, it’s not really oily, I’m not totally covered with acne, but I’m never totally clear.  I have old acne scars, giant pores and lots of blackheads.  Am I too critical of my face?  OF COURSE I AM, but I’m a girl and I do what I do.

A couple of months ago I spent a metric ton of money on a bunch of Keihl’s products thinking that I would just plunk down the money and finally get control of my skin.  Fast forward 1.5 days and my skin totally revolted.  My face was so messed up I didn’t want to leave the house.  Probably didn’t help that my pregnancy hormones were all out of whack, but the fact remained that I was disgusting and no one could stand to look at me (at least that’s what I assume everyone was thinking).

Then I somehow stumbled upon this website, and then this one.  And I just thought what the heck?  I’ll start cleaning my face with oil!  Let’s fight fire with fire.

The first few days I just rubbed olive oil into my face, but I knew that wasn’t really the right way so I decided to make a trip to the local Whole Foods for the real deal oils.

I currently “wash” my face with a mixture of equal parts castor, avocado and jojoba oils.  The “washing” consists of rubbing about a teaspoon of oil into my face, soaking a washcloth with hot water then draping it over my face for a mini-steam bath then gently wiping the oil away.*  The I use a small amount of this rosehip and vitamin E oil mixture I found with a little drop of lavender essential oil as my moisturizer.  It is the best smelling thing you can imagine – if you like lavender that is.**

The Goods!

The Goods!

Oil cleansing is nothing new and (I think?) lots of people do it.  It’s based on the idea that water won’t break down oil, only oil can break down oil.  I think its physics or something.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I LOVE IT.  Seriously, I love it.  My face looks so much better.  I still have some red spots and I do still get little pimples every now and then, but they are much smaller than they used to be and seem to just disappear as soon as I notice them.  Plus, my skin is so much softer and I get to smell like a lavender field every night before bed.  It is totally relaxing y’all.

I don’t know you guys.  It seems to work.

I have been known to take on some seriously crazy hippie shenanigans in my day, and this may be my most hippiest of shenanigan, but I cannot imagine ever going back to regular soap.  My life has been changed (and by “my life” I mean the super superficial aspect of the skin on my face).  Gah, next thing you know I will be burning sage and saying namaste instead of goodbye!  Send help, but leave my oils!

* Go check out either of the websites I linked above if you are interested in trying this yourself.  I am totally not an expert, but these sites give good tutorials on how to slather oil all over yourself.

** In case anyone is wondering, I think I spent about $60 at Whole Foods and that included a little glass bottle with a dropper to hold my oil mixture.  Based on the rate I am going it should last me about 6 months before I have to buy anything new, which I think is relatively economical considering a I spent $60 on a TEENY TINY 4 oz jar of lotion that made zits the size of Mount Everest erupt on my cheeks!

P.S.  This is the reality of my house … While I was trying to take a picture of my oils, the kids were hovering around screaming CHEESE!!  CHEESE MOMMY!  CHEEEESSSEEE MOOOOMMMMY!  Until I finally had to take a picture with them in it and then bribe them to get them out of the shot.  Couple of little hams.



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  1. sifinalaska says:

    I have never heard of this, but now I totally have to try it!

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