Sofia is Two … Like a BOSS!

Sofia is two!  What can even be said about our little firecracker?  She is, in a word (or two), the boss.

She is stubborn and goofy, she’s a tomboy and loves her dolls, where Aiman is whip quick and spry, she is brute strength and aggression, she loves dressing up in Aiman’s clothes and also wearing her tutu around the house.  She loves to watch rugby on Saturday sitting on Riaz’s lap with a bottle and her finger stuck in her belly button (I have to get a picture of that someday!)  She makes funny faces whenever a camera is pointed in her direction.  When she doesn’t get her way she screams like a banshee then jumps up and down pounding her little fists.  Her temper is truly epic.  But, she is also such a little love bug.  She comes into our room in the morning, climbs into bed, wraps her little arms around my neck and asks for kisses.

She is SO smart.  I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom.  It is a verifiable fact!  She understands everything, speaks in complete sentences and has memorized her favorite books and likes to “read” them back to me at night.

Sofia absolutely loves her afternoon nap and rarely fights it, but it is a battle for the ages every night to get her to sleep.  She knows her dad is weak when it comes to her so she will stand by her bedroom door and call out for her daddy after I have put her down for the night.  She’s got about a 25% success rate.  At least once a week, Riaz lets her out of the room to hang out with the adults while we watch TV.  She has him wrapped around her little finger!

Sofia as a teenager strikes fear into the heart of her dad and I, but I am so grateful that she is such a strong, smart, outgoing little person who is so full of personality it bursts out of her.  She will always be one to follow her own mind and I can already tell that whatever she decides to do (odds are currently on professional boxer) she will be the absolute best at it.

We love you Boss.  Happy Birthday!

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2 Responses to Sofia is Two … Like a BOSS!

  1. Mom says:

    She’s so cute. I’ll try to Facetime tonight. 🙂

  2. Melissa St. Denis says:

    omg that had me all teary-eyed! Happy birthday Sofia!!! ❤

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