I Knit

I think I mentioned in another post that I have been knitting. Well … I have. A lot. It may be becoming a problem. I got the urge to start knitting after stumbling upon this website. I have no idea how I got there, but all of her knitting made me want to knit too. I learned knitting basics when I was young, probably like 7 or something when my next door neighbor’s grandma taught me how to do a few stitches. I picked it up again just before Riaz and I got engaged but it never really stuck and now I’m back; knitting like crazy. I started with a little hat that was … not right, but it was my first attempt, so I persevered!  Then I did this pattern for Sofia. It came out cute but there were problems. The primary issue is that the opening is not centered so the whole thing always looks askew.  See …

Sofia 7

This isn’t a great shot, but her face cracks me up!

But I thought it was pretty good for my first real pattern.

Now I’m working on two projects. First up is this dress for Sofia that I hope to have finished by her birthday party in two weeks. I’m not doing the polka dots because that seemed like a bridge too far, but I got this really pretty pink yarn made out of sugar cane of all things and it is knitting up beautifully.  Its got blue and grey stripes at the bottom, waist and top.  I’ve finished the front and it looks awesome, I really hope it comes together ok.  I would have taken a picture, but ya know, I have a full time job, and two kids and I’m pregnant so … I didn’t get around to it.

And I’m also working on this sweater for Aiman. It’s more of a winter sweater so I’m not rushing it, but Aiman keeps pestering me about when I will knit something for him so I’m going to try to finish it soon. We don’t want him jealous. I’ve got the front and the very beginning of the back done so I’m getting there!

I recently spent … some money, on yarn for a little newborn sweater and for two baby blankets (one for me and one for my co-worker who is due around the same time as me) that I will start on as soon as I am done with Sofia’s dress and Aiman’s sweater. I don’t think it is an understatement to say that knitting has taken over my evenings. I find it so relaxing and it’s also nice to create something. I’m about as far away from a creative person as you can get, but knitting makes me feel just a little bit like Martha Stewart and aren’t we all striving to be more like Martha?

So there you have it. My name is Kristina, and I knit. Who needs a sweater?

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4 Responses to I Knit

  1. Leslie says:

    I encourage young mom’s to have a craft they enjoy because so many of our duties are done over and over and over again, dishes and laundry, but a project when it is done, stays done.
    Knit ON.

  2. lori says:

    you are so cute, and aren’t you glad you found ginny?

  3. mistea says:

    Lovely knitting you are pursuing. It sure is a productive relaxant.
    Enjoy your gorgeous projects.

  4. sifinalaska says:

    I’m totally jealous. I tried knitting, but it didn’t get far at all! I completely lack patience, but I love that you are doing this!

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