I’ve been trying to write this post for a week and I just can’t seem to find the right words.  I’m now resolved to the fact that I can’t write about Sofia because the English language does not have the words – and I do not have the eloquence – to describe what a totally amazing person she is.

So here I sit, writing, deleting, re-writing, deleting, pausing, contemplating, writing and deleting some more – just trying to find the words to describe my perfect little girl.   They just won’t come … they just don’t exist. 

Sofia is something special.   

She smiles at everyone, she laughs at funny jokes, she can make even the most Emo of L.A. hipsters crack smiles and wave.  The grandmas at Costco are in love with her.  The checkout guys at Costco are also in love with her.  She yells “mama …MAMA … MAAAAMAAAAA!” when I come home from work.  She says “wa wa” when she wants to take a walk.  She knows the signs for more, hat, wash hands, milk and baby.  She gives great hugs and adorably sloppy kisses.  She is an amazing snuggler.  She throws the most epic tantrums.  She has been walking for three months and running at full pace for 2.  

She is getting hair!  It’s strawberry blonde. 

She and Aiman are getting much better at playing together.  He still wants to wrestle her to the ground, but whenever I step in to break it up, I usually find her with a smile on her face, laughing with her brother.  Aiman likes to hold her hand.  Sofia likes to pull his hair.  They love each other. 

She likes to hear me sing.  She loves Baby Signing Times.  She is learning Itsy Bitsy Spider.  She goes nuts when I sing the alphabet to Aiman. 

She prefers to be naked (but who doesn’t really).  

She is beautiful.  She has perfect rosebud lips, chubby cheeks, gorgeous olive skin and pretty brown eyes (which look green in the sun).  She has strong legs and a cute little bubble butt.  She can’t run as fast as Aiman, but she is trying. 

She is super mischievous.  She likes to do something naughty then look over at us with a funny little smile and squinty eyes.  She knows what she isn’t allowed to do, and that is exactly the thing she wants to do the most. 

At night before bed she usually wants to nurse for a few minutes and then stare up at me smacking her lips and laughing.  I cover her forehead with kisses and whisper over and over how much I love her.  It is the best part of my day – it is the best part of any day I’ve ever had.

She has filled my life with so much love and happiness.  It is impossible to be sad, depressed or upset when she is around.  She is pure light.  She makes me so proud. 

So here I am on Sofia’s birthday filled with love and wishing I had better words to commemorate her on this special day, because what I’ve written here really does not even scratch the surface of her awesomeness.  I promise to start now on her 2 year essay, maybe with a year to practice I’ll figure out how to do her justice.  She deserves at least that much for being such a spectacular little human being. 

We love you so much Sofia. 

Happy Birthday! 

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5 Responses to ONE

  1. Mom says:

    Awesome, Kristina. She is adorable.

  2. She is beautiful and you did a great job telling us about her.

  3. Myra Grozinger says:

    So sweet. And no, I’m not talking about Sofia, I’m talking about the write up from the heart. It brings Sofia to me up close and personally. I have followed her from birth through the blogs and her Grandma’s notices – and have enjoyed the photos, the little dresses, the bald head and the small details about her development in this birthday blog. I have bragged about her walking so soon.
    Thank you Kristina for this presentation. It’s surely not been an easy year for you parents, but you came through it.
    Happy Birthday, Sofia.

  4. CC says:

    I think you did a great job and that to say more you would have to invent new words. Happy Birthday Sofia! One thing I notice about you with Sofia, you aren’t questioning yourself so much or if you are you are keeping it to yourself. You have done a great job (along with dad) with both kids and are smart enough to enjoy the moment. Now if we only got more photos of both more often. 🙂

  5. Britney says:

    what a beautiful little girl. Sienna turns 1 in a month, and it will also be bittersweet. Course, she’s not walking yet, so maybe I can relish the baby stage a bit longer… hmmm…

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