On The Go

Our kids are on-the-go.  Literally, they don’t stop moving – like, ever.

I know in my mind that all kids are high-energy and that is part of what makes parenting such a joy and also such a soul-sucking, energy-sapping, fall-into-your-pillow-and-pass-out-every-night experience.

(Seriously you guys, look at her go!  She’s only 9 months old and she walks everywhere now, she is a sensation at the park)

(Also YOU GUYS, my apartment is a mess, I am a bad wife and hate myself a little bit)

(Finally, OMG YOU GUYS, Aiman gets a lot of timeouts, he hates every one as much as the last as you can tell from this video where he is screaming bloody murder in the background.  My life is awesome.)

These kids are crazy.

To top it off, Sofia doesn’t need any sleep.  No, I’m serious – the girl is perfectly content to subsist on a couple of little half hour naps through the day and then 7 hours or so at night.  Aiman used to sleep for 12 hours OR MORE a night.  Every night.  Like clockwork.  I miss those days.

I know we are doing it all wrong and I know I have littered this blog with my tales of woe many times, but I’m doing it again.  Deal with it.  With Aiman he had a very specific routine at night.  Bath, Bottle, Book, Bed.  The Four B’s of Good Bed Time Parenting.  Sofia, not so much.  She gets a bath around 5, then she runs around like a crazy person trying to rip all her brother’s hair out of his head.

Then we eat some food at 7 when I get home, then she maybe drinks a little milk, then she runs around like a crazy person some more, then more milk.  Then we put Aiman down around 8.

Then there is some more running around, then more milk.  Then I get frustrated because she won’t go to sleep and put her in bed and she screams her head off for 15 minutes.

Then I get more frustrated and take her out of the crib and put her in the Ergo baby carrier because she loves it and it always puts her to sleep.  She is usually asleep in 2 minutes or less and I proceed to lie her down on the couch because DON’T YOU DARE PUT ME IN MY CRIB MOM, I WILL CUT YOU.

She sleeps for about 30 minutes (until just about the time her dad and I are ready to go to bed), then wakes up and wants to run around the apartment screeching like a banshee for another hour or so.

She finally tires herself out, but she is not too tired to scream her head off if you even look in the direction of the crib.  In bed with mom and dad thankyouverymuch and please keep the boobs accessible at all times please so that I can have a little drink in the middle of the night which will wake mom up and keep her up for an hour or so cursing the day she ever letter her daughter get into bed with her.  WHY GOD WHY?

Riaz keeps telling me that it will only get worse and we need to break her of her really really bad bedtime habits, and I know he is right.  Crying it out just doesn’t work for her.  We have done some bedtime routines, but I have not been very consistent (it’s hard with another little one y’all – though I know it’s mostly because I am a bad mother).

I’m putting this out to the world because I need some accountability.

I resolve (starting tonight, damnit!) to enforce some consistency in that little one’s life.  She needs it!  I need it!  The neighbors that have to listen to her happy-but-totally-ear-splitting little screeches at 11:00 at night need it!  Riaz really needs it!

So that’s it Sofia, you have had your last late night missy!

Bath, Bottle, Book, Bed!

Wish me luck everyone.

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One Response to On The Go

  1. Britney says:

    your kiddos are beautiful! and walking already! good grief! sienna is 8 months and just started crawling. you breed powerhorses!

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