Mandatory Mommy Blog No Sleep Post

Let me start by saying that we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I know this.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t write a whole blog post complaining about it.  This is a free country after all.

The problem started essentially when Sofia was born.  In Costa Rica we didn’t really have a place for Sofia to sleep, so she just slept in bed with us.  It worked out pretty great when she was a newborn because she slept really well and could just roll over to nurse – I got quite a bit of sleep in those early days.

When we moved back to L.A., I started to transition her to the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper.  Aiman loved the Co-Sleeper, he always slept in it and MUCH preferred the Co-Sleeper to the bed.  When Aiman was about six months old he was ready to move to his own room and his own crib.  He basically couldn’t wait.  When we moved him into his crib he had one night where he woke up crying, but after that he was sleeping through the night and we never looked back.

Sofia … not so much.

She hated the Co-Sleeper.  HATED IT.  As in, if we got within 2 feet of it she would start screaming her head off.  So … because I am a bad parent with no stomach for screaming infants, she stayed in our bed.

Then we put the crib together.  She seemed to love it.  Ooooh!  Fun!  New place to play!  Everything was great … for about 5 minutes, until she realized that we planned to leave her in the crib, while we got into bed.  WHAT.  PARENTS.  HOW DARE YOU!  We tried to cry it out, but she is unbreakable.  We let Aiman cry it out, but he never really had the stomach for it and always calmed down and went to sleep within 5 or 10 minutes.

Sofia has gone for over an hour (with me checking on her at regular intervals of course – I’m not a monster!)  My girl has stamina.

Ugh.  We seem to have turned a bit of a corner, I can get her to sleep in the crib with a minimum of crying, but she always wakes up within just a few hours and wants to get into bed.  I would let her cry a bit, but our apartment is small and her crib is in our bedroom and its either let her cry or just bring her into bed and everyone goes back to sleep.  I’m sure you can guess the path I have chosen.  I am a bad parent.

Here’s the worst part though folks.  And, I’m so ashamed to admit this, but … I’ve gotten really used to having her in bed, so much so that for the last few weeks I have found myself unable to fall asleep until Sofia wakes up and wants to get into bed.  So every night I roll around in bed trying to get comfortable until she starts crying at around 1 or so at which point I bring her into bed, snuggle up and we’re both asleep in 5 minutes.

I’m such an enabler!

Send help.

P.S.  Kids + Park + Hipstamatic App = Freakin’ Awesome!

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2 Responses to Mandatory Mommy Blog No Sleep Post

  1. Mom says:

    Okay, Kristina, this is good, but I want MORE PICTURES. By the way, I see a box with a red X under the blue picture of Sofia. If there’s supposed to be another picture there, I’m not seeing it.


  2. Britney says:

    ha ha ha! I love that you recognize the “ill” in all of this, and yet I think you are a FABULOUS mommy!

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