Rollin Rollin Rollin – Part Dos

OK, sure, lots of little babies can roll from their bellies to their backs.  It’s almost like …. physics … and gravity … and maybe calculus or something.  At a certain point their arms get strong enough to do a little push up and they kind of just flop over.  No.Big.Deal.

But, rolling from the back to the belly requires much more coordination and brainpower and pure brute strength and my little genius infant has been rolling from her back to her belly for weeks now … WEEKS.  Probably like, three weeks or something, which means she has been rolling from front to back and back to front (and even off her left side and her right side – my ambidextrous little monster) since she was just three months old.

She’s a beast.

And adorable.

And probably the most awesome baby ever (or at least just as awesome as her brother).



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