Bottom of the Barrel …

Normally I have at least 5 or 6 different potential posts floating around in my head.  Right now, however, all I have in my head is …. dkahoerkhadmbvn … blargh … zzzzzzzzzzz …..

Newborn + 2 year old who wakes up EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING at 5:00 in the (excuse my french) MUTHER EFFING a.m. =  dkahoerkhadmbvn … blargh … zzzzzzzzzzz …..

My total exhaustion is evidenced by the fact that it took me 3 tries to spell the word “barrel” correctly in the title of this post (barrell?  barell?  a ha … barrel!  I’m awesome.)

So, I find myself searching through my pictures to find something to post that requires zero brain power.  So … behold … a boy, his dad and a fish.  What could be cuter?


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