I could seriously write an opus about the mangos in our neck of the woods, but since I now only get 30 free minutes a day to do something other than chase Aiman, feed Sofia, burp Sofia, chase Aiman some more, cook dinner, feed Sofia again, change Sofia’s diaper, feed Sofia again, and again and again (my girl can EAT) and so on and so on, I’m just going to keep it short on prose and heavy on pictures.

We literally live in the middle of a mango farm.  There are probably several hundred mango trees within walking distance of our house.  The mangos are AMAZING.  They are a special hybrid mango that is specifically designed for juicing.  This means the mango pit is teeny tiny (which means MORE mango) and the fruit is the juiciest thing ever.

Unfortunately, we were in San Jose birthing Sofia during the prime mango harvesting month, but we’ve still been able to partake of our fair share.  And by fair share, I mean about 10 a day.

Mangos on the tree.

Mangos in my bowl.

Mangos in my glass!

Mangos on Aiman (or maybe more appropriately, Aiman on mangos)

The only downside to all the mangos (if there can ever be a downside to all the mangos you could ever possibly eat!), its that I seem to have some kind of crazy allergy to the sap in the mango trees.  I guess this is pretty common (though neither Aiman nor Riaz seem to be affected by it).  If I even get a tiny little drop of the sap on my skin I break out into seriously painful, itchy hives.  I have learned to see the positive in this though, whenever I want to eat a mango I can get Riaz to do the messy work of peeling and chopping it up because … you know … HIVES!  It actually works out great for me.

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One Response to Mangos!

  1. Jana Ludwigova says:

    Mangos.. the heaven..

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