New Mom Blubbering

I’m tired folks, but Riaz took Aiman out for a walk so I could have some mommy me time while Sofia sleeps and ordered me to either take a nap or do something that I wanted to do, so here I am blogging, that is how much I love you all.

This is really just a quick note (because I do really want that nap) to say that Sofia is perfection.

Point, the first, she eats all day and sleeps all night.  Sometimes, during the day, this gets a little aggravating because my mobility is limited when there is a small person attached to my chest, but when she wakes up just once (ONCE!) to eat for 20 minutes at night, it is all worth it.

Point, the second, she loves to snuggle.  Aiman ate, then wanted nothing to do with me.  He didn’t really like to be held and much preferred his own bed to mine.  Sofia is the exact opposite, if I would let her be carried around 24 hours a day she would be perfectly content.  This also has its downsides, but, for right now, I am loving all the snuggles.

Point, the final, she coos in her sleep.  Sofia is always making these little sighing and kissy noises in her sleep.  It is the ultimate.

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2 Responses to New Mom Blubbering

  1. Britney says:

    So sweet! And I love the prior post too. I’m a little nervous how our son (2.5) will react to his new sister. Good to know I’m not alone. ; )

  2. Mom says:

    Oh, my goodness, that picture is wonderful! I’m so happy that Sofia is letting you sleep at night. That’s got to be the best. 🙂

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