The Birthday!

Everyone who knows us well is aware that Aiman gets very few toys.  We live in the jungle for crying out loud, who needs a beeping buzzing distraction when you’ve got rocks, sticks and lizards to play with.

That said, every once in awhile we indulge the kid and buy him something new.  Our boy is a all boy and loves everything related to trucks, cars and dirt, so on his birthday we stopped by the local toy store and let him pick out a new, shiny, yellow truck and matching hat.

He loved it.

No, seriously, he loved it.

Like, a LOT.

That is another bonus of rarely getting your kids toys, when they do get them they really appreciate it.  Aiman hasn’t stopped playing with his truck since we bought it.

P.S., Yup, I’m still pregnant.  I guess all those bad juju vibes I was getting about going in to labor early were all in my head.  I will never trust my maternal instincts again.

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One Response to The Birthday!

  1. Kate says:

    Stop parading your gorgeous child… You’ll make us non maternal people broody!!! 😉

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