OK – first things first.  This was our view for the two weeks we were in Panama.

What?!?  I so don’t deserve that.  It’s diametrically opposed to our usual awesome jungle view, but completely spectacular in its own right.

Panama City was NOTHING like what I expected.  I guess I was sort of picturing a version of San Jose (Costa Rica) which, I’m sorry to say it, is probably the ugliest city I have ever spent any time in.  Panama City was not at all like that, sure there were the not-so-nice parts, but overall it was really clean and convenient (except that in Panama City there are certain times where a red light means Go!  Not Stop!  Weird.  Must be a near the equator sort of thing – up is down, right is left, toilets flush in the opposite direction, etc., etc.).

Because our accommodations were so totally lush and we were so happy to enjoy some creature comforts after three months in the jungle, my recap is not all that exciting.  We did take a 3 day trip to Isla Grande while there, but mainly we hung out in the mall – pretty much daily – so that we could partake of the most delicious pistachio gelato I have ever encountered, spent time at the play yard in the building with all the other kids, watched T.V. and generally vegged out.  It was THE.BEST.

So, rather than bore you with the details, I’ll just bore you with pictures.

P.S.  I realize the song accompanying this video is about Columbia (I think), but I don’t care!  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

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