A Charlie Brown Guanabana Tree

In the front of our house, there is the saddest most pathetic looking tree that stands sort of alone in our front yard.


Almost indistinguishable, right?

I’ve never given this particular tree any thought, there are a million trees around here, and some of them are huge and lush and gorgeous, this tree is just really not anything to write home about.

A couple of weeks ago, Riaz and I were sitting on the deck and he said, do you see that thing growing out there on that tree.  Actually, no, I couldn’t see it, but that is because my vision is shot from 7 years of lawyering and I haven’t seen my glasses since we got to Costa Rica.

Nevertheless, I put on my shoes and trekked out to the tree (it is a trek, the grass is sort of ankle high which is prime height for scorpions! spiders! other unknown creepy bugs that will bite me!).  When I got close, I saw this:

What the what!?!?

This thing is really as big as it looks, probably 9-10 inches long and 5 or 6 inches in diameter.  I seriously could not figure out how this tree was holding up something that large.

Funny story.  The leaves on this tree must taste delicious because there are iguanas trying to climb up into the tree all the time.  In fact, there was one up there last week when I went out to check on the status of the odd spiny green fruit thing hanging off the tree.

I catch iguanas out there a few times a week and if you wait long enough they will invariably climb out onto a spindly limb that can’t hold their weight and they will fall out of the tree.  It is hilarious.  Iguanas are not like cats.  They don’t land on their feet.  They just land, look a little dazed and then scamper off as if to say … “its cool, I’m ok … totally meant to do that.”  It’s awesome.

Anyway, we asked the resident person who knows everything about everything, otherwise known as the Canadian, and he said … ah GUANABANA!  Lucky you!  He told us that they were a pretty messy fruit, best for juicing and that we should check on its ripeness regularly because it had to ripen on the vine and once it was ripe, the critters would be after it too.

With that bit of information I diligently checked on the guanabana every 2-3 days to make sure the human critters got the fruit and not the non-human critters.

A couple of days ago, it was ready!

This is what it looks like peeled.  Weird right.  It was almost exactly the texture of a mushy halibut (I know, I’m really selling it) and was full of black seeds that were a serious pain in the neck to get out.  But I am telling you, this fruit is hands down one of the best things I have eaten in a really long time.

Per the Canadian’s instructions, I pulled the guanabana apart and froze it in sections so that we could blend it in our morning juice.  Actually, I froze only a small part of it in sections because Aiman and I could not stop eating it.  I always know something is good when I give it to Aiman and he turns to me with his big brown eyes wide and goes “Mmmmmmmm.”  Which he did – over and over – when I was feeding him the guanabana.  So yummy.

I just wish I could share the joy of guanabana with other people but unfortunately it is just one of those fruits that needs to ripen on the vine and would be too delicate to ship.  It really is amazing.  Plus … its fun to say guanabana.  Go ahead … do it.  Guanabana, guanabana, guanabana.  It’s even sort of fun to type.  GUANABANA!


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3 Responses to A Charlie Brown Guanabana Tree

  1. Mom says:

    What syllable do you put the accent on – guanaBANa? GuaNABana?

  2. Mom says:

    Is that the same thing as that “custard apple” we ate when we were down there?

  3. Kristina says:

    I think the emphasis is on the NA, like guaNAbana, but who can really say!

    It tastes similar to the custard apple and I think they are in the same family – the family of GOOD!

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