Two weeks ago we were down on the beach and noticed these really small pin-prick looking blisters on Aiman’s hand.  I had no idea where they had come from and they didn’t really seem to bother the kid, but they were … weird.  And, as a general rule, weird things in the jungle are no good.

So … as is our usual course, we ran the little guy up to the Canadian’s house to find out what mysterious ailment our little terror had caught this time.

Ah … said the Canadian … Hives!  He’s got hives.  He must have touched something or been bitten by something that he’s allergic too.  Great.  The Canadian told us that he would be fine but that the hives would need to run their course, and that the blisters would probably get bigger then dry up and drop off.

Fast forward one week.


Sweet Baby Jebus!

The hives looked awful, but they didn’t really seem to bother Aiman, he actually learned to use them as some kind of parental manipulation.  Whenever he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing and we were sternly saying “Aiman Merrick – STOP THAT,” he would turn to us, hold out his hand and say “Hives … Hives.”  Yeah … yeah kid, you’ve got the hives, we feel sorry for you, please accept our humblest apologies for yelling at you a minute ago.

The hives are now in the dry out phase of their life cycle and I suspect they will be totally gone in the next day or two.  So no grandparents need worry.

I guess its not really the fact that he broke out into hives that bothers me, its that I can’t for the life of me figure out what he touched to cause him to break out so I could at least try to keep it from happening again.

I guess we’ll just have the categorize the hives along with the mysterious ant bites that got so infected we had to put the kid on antibiotics, the other mysterious bites that were apparently so painful Aiman felt the need to throw himself off of our deck, the weird red mark on his thumb that has been there for 3 months and the black eye he got while playing 3 feet from Riaz and I.

We’re bad parents.


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