Arenal Road Trip – The Final Chapter!

Well, here we are folks.  The final installment of my epic 4-part series on our road trip to Arenal (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  It’s only taken me 3 months to finish it.  I’m nothing if not persistent.

After 3 nights at the Gingerbread and 2 nights at Rancho Margot – which were amazing but not the usual “hotel” experience – I was itching for some traditional hotel luxury – room service!  crisp white sheets!  steady water pressure!  HBO!  I did a bit of searching and settled on Nayara Hotel.  I was not disappointed, the place was gorgeous.

This was the view from our room.

I KNOW!  Sick, right?

This was our outdoor tub.

Aiman loved it.

Riaz loved it too, but those pictures are not for a family blog.

The room.

The bathroom was awesome too, but I was too busy taking 16 showers in the amazingly wonderful shower with the fantastic water pressure (a total luxury in Costa Rica) to take any pictures.

We stayed just one night at Nayara, which was a bummer – I could have stayed a few more but we had to get to San Jose to see Costa Rican Baby Doc.  The rates were really reasonable (especially considering that they somehow forgot to charge us for our room – normally I would have alerted them to this error, but I may have mentioned once or twice that WE HAVE NO INCOME – so I consider it a bank error in my favor – I know – I’m a bad person) and the restaurant served decent lunches and dinners and a truly epic breakfast buffet.  I highly recommend it if you’re ever visiting Arenal

The next day, we made our way to San Jose, and stayed one night at a Marriott there, which was notable only for the fact that it directly faced a Hooter’s (no joke) and we had to listen to very loud and very cheesy music coming from that bastion of boobs and chicken wings until about midnight and I literally wanted to shoot someone in the face.

Moving on.  The next day we met with Costa Rican Baby Doc for the first time, who tried his best to find some boy or girl parts on the little bun in the oven and had no luck since the baby was breach and crossing its little legs.  We now know, GIRL!  Yeah!  And no longer breach!  Double-Yeah!

We LOVE Costa Rican Baby Doc.  He’s a little goofy, but in a I’m-a-totally-competent-doctor-but-I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously-because-I-look-at-girly-bits-all-day kind of way.  Plus, I’ve met about 15 ex pats down here who have all had kids in San Jose, every conversation starts something like this … “Oh you’re pregnant!  Congrats, I have a great doctor, have you heard of Costa Rican Baby Doc?”  I seriously think this guy has delivered every ex pat baby on the Nicoya Peninsula for at least the last 10 years.  I’d say I’m in good hands.

After our doctor’s appointment we made our way to PriceSmart (Costa Rican version of Costco), did a bit of shopping and then started the trip back to Montezuma.

All-in-all, I’m really glad we went up to Arenal and saw some of the countryside, it was truly beautiful and I’d hate to get back to the states and have never left our little Montezuma haven, that just seems wasteful.  That said, the stress of driving on narrow, windy roads with a carsick prone toddler in a tiny subcompact piece of crap was something I could have done without.  In the future, we’ll do road trips with a bigger car … and more vomit bags.

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