Logic Shmlogic

I realize this is the 17,000 post in a row about my computer woes, but I wanted to a least do a quick update.

The hard drive has been replaced but now there appears to be something wrong with the ¨logic board.¨  Apple Tech Geek ordered a new one on rush and it should be in Costa Rica today or tomorrow.   I am not holding out any hope.

Yesterday Riaz turned to me and said, ya know, I am certain that I have married the right woman – we are going on one month of no computer, radio or T.V. and we haven´t had a single fight.  I have to agree.  Though I have resorted to replaying old Buffy episodes in my head before I sleep – like an annoying song stuck in my head – its pretty cool that Riaz and I can just chill out together in the evening without any kind of distraction and not want to rip each other´s hair out.  He´s a good husband.


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