We´re Here!

I can´t even begin to describe to you the apartment we are staying or the amazing view of the canal, it´s completely awesome.  Like seriously.  I always said I wasn´t a big city person, and I´m not, but Panama City is pretty sweet.  We haven´t seen much more than the apartment we are staying (with the two nicest people in the world) and the nearby mall, but we´ll start doing the touristy type activities tomorrow so I´ll let you know what I think of the rest of the city soon.

Our computer is with the Mac people now so I can´t share pictures, but everyone pray to whatever Gods you believe in that they are able to fix our baby soon so that I can 1) continue to try to make a living with Bula Balls; 2) continue posting cute pictures of Aiman; 3) post some awesome pictures of our amazing view; and 4) not have to deal with the wrath of Riaz if our computer really is dead.

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