Pregnancy Watch – Week 26

The precise week the third trimester starts is a little fuzzy.  Some books say 27 weeks, some say 28, some just don’t say anything and tell you to just enjoy this magical time in your life (those books can suck it).  I am going to stick with the ones that say the third trimester begins at 27 weeks so I can say … yea!  The last week of the second trimester is over … third trimester and baby time here I come!

I’ve had more bad headaches this week, but I think I’ve figured out what is causing them.  It’s hot here.  Like HOT.  I don’t like the heat, it makes me fidgety and uncomfortable and … here it comes … it destroys my appetite.  I realized the other day that I sometimes go through the hottest part of the day (which in my opinion lasts from sun up to sun down) not eating very much at all.  My little parasite (aka the baby) has been sucking up the few nutrients I have actually been eating leaving me with nothing but marshmallows and diet pepsi to nourish myself.

I am already a bad parent.

So … I’ve started to make a conscious effort to eat more.  This is actually not as hard as it sounds … surprise, surprise … I’m six months pregnant and, so long as I am in air conditioning and am eating cold food, I actually like to eat …. a lot.  I have probably gained 5 pounds this week.  I’m eating lots of yogurt with fruit and honey, banana bread (because we have 50,000 bananas), pasta, marshmallows (I can’t help myself – we keep them in the freezer and they are heaven) and salads.  It sounds healthier than it is since my banana bread is about 50% sugar and that has quickly become a staple in my diet, but I must be doing something right because I feel MUCH better since operation Fatten Up Kristina kicked into high gear.  Today I ate the cheesiest nachos ever and I plan to gorge myself and all kinds of deliciousness when we get to Panama so when I see the Costa Rican Baby Doc on the way home from our Panamanian adventure I should have reached Hindenburg size, can’t wait.

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