We’re on our way to Panama today!  Riaz has an old rugby friend in Panama City that we will be staying with for a few days, then we’ll make our way … somewhere … I haven’t figured out exactly where in Panama we will visit (suggestions?), but likely some Caribbean archipelago or some such thing, then back to Panama City, then home.

We plan to get our computer serviced in Panama City because it has been having some … issues.  Is it normal to have to give your computer a few little taps before it will turn on … no … didn’t think so.  Hopefully the fix will be an easy one and we’ll be back in the technological age quickly, but I’m not holding out much hope.  If you don’t hear from me soon, call Steve Jobs and tell him to send me a new computer – STAT.

And now … for your audiological pleasure … Van Halen circa David Lee Roth doing Panama.

This video makes literally no sense.  I miss the 80s.

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One Response to Panama!

  1. Kate says:

    Heard bocas del toro is AMAZING! Have fun guys xx

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