Pregnancy Watch – Weeks 24-25

First off – I am a bad blogger.  Really truly, I’m sorry.  With mama bear being here and loads of Bula Ball stuff to do and getting ready for the trip to Panama and starting to get that beached whale feeling, I’ve not been up to it.  Just Blah.

To get me back in the blogging swing of things, here’s some news … I’M SIX MONTHS PREGNANT.  What the what?  When did this happen?  According to the interwebs if the little munchkin were born now it would have a decent shot at survival – in other words, we have reached the stage of viability.   Cool milestone, but I’ll thank that little bun to keep cooking for another 3 months or so.

I’m feeling a little lethargic and I am definitely starting to get that rounded out pregnancy look.  I think the tiredness comes from the heat and chasing Aiman around in the heat and the heat and cooking in the heat and the heat.  The last few days have been pretty ‘pleasant’ weather-wise, but its still 80 degrees outside and warm weather just doesn’t suit a woman with a soccer ball attached to her waist.  I know I signed up for this but … yeah … the heat.  Not a fan.

Other than that, things are good, and one of the pregnancy countdown websites says I just have 100 days to go.  So yea!  100 days!  I can live with that.

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